Steampunk'd Modding

Steampunk'd Modding

I imagine a world where crude oil was never discovered. Steam is still the major source of mechanical power and plastic was never developed. It’s a world not unlike the one that spawned The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A world found in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (One of my favorite books) or select episodes of The Wild Wild West . It’s a world of steam and brass - a world of 21st century Victorian style and innovation.

That’s steampunk style in a nutshell. I don’t know what it is in me that draws me to it. I think it must have to do with the craftsmanship required to build steampunk devices. Which is ironic, because I have to admit that steampunk modding is beyond me - at least right now.

The world of steampunk is big. There are books, projects, fully functional steam engine kits (and yes – they can blowup), movies, comics, magazines, and of course – many steampunks. There’s even a Wiki entry (that’s how you know you hit the big time!).

When you say “steampunk” and “computer” in the same breath, a hand full of names pop into your head (ok – maybe not…just work with me here). Among those names is Jake Von Slatt, the proprietor of The Steampunk Workshop. He’s the guy who made the famous steampunk keyboard and flat panel monitor. He’s been in Make magazine, Popular Science and should be appearing on Wired Science (PBS) in October.

Of course, he’s being mentioned on the Mod_Blog, and that’s his greatest achievement I’m sure.

Maybe I will try some steampunk modding. Hmm….. "Manta Von Base" does have a nice ring to it.

Today’s Bit of Bling is the Steampunk Workshop. As a bonus, check out Doc Datamancer’s steampunk scanner mod . And, if you have the finances, Doc might build you a Von Slatt keyboard.


Images courtesy of Jake Von Slatt




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That keyboard is SICK

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