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Just play whichever version you want to play.



console games to console-exclusive servers and pc games to pc-exclusive servers



I have to disagree to a point with porting some games to various platforms. As we all know a Kick-Ass gaming rig can go all Jet Li and kick any of the console systems around - yes even you PS3.

In fact I demand that some of the console specific games be ported to ported to the PC - Specifically all of the Call of Duty's (COD3)

Some games just tend to play better on PC than consoles - FPS like Orange Box and RTS like C&C play better on PC than console - vice versa, Madden 08 or 2K Sports series play better on console than PC.

I will also disagree with racing games, those should stay on the PC. I still play one of the best and most realistic racing simulators for the PC and this NASCAR Series 2003 game made by Papyrus and published by Sierra Enterainment before they discontinued the NASCAR Series of games (I beleive it was due to EA Sports trying to gobble all of the sports under it's banner). The most fun I have ever had racing was at my PC with my Microsoft Sidewinder Steering wheel and pedal system. I would love to play any of the Grand Turismo games on my pc, but can't.

But their are options, if you like the feel of an Xbox or PS2 game controler, they do make adapters that allow you to use those controllers on your PC. I use this adapter and I can play the PC version of BloodRayne 2 with an XBox controller without any problems.



im opposed to racing games being for the console.

three words to describe this.



Speed. been playing NFS since v2se. it is much better on the pc, has more of a plot, and more cars/customizability. and better gapeplay to boot. I maintain that NFS v3hp is the best racing game ever created, and is only on the--- pc...



Sports & Racing Games are great on a console but they are also great on a PC if you have a gamepad. The only downside is that instead of the infamous X, o, Triangle, and Square, you have 1, 2, 3, 4 which can take a while to get used to.



you probably are not good on a console at all. Thats not true but your probably not use to the mechanics. Most shotgun battle between good player on gears will result in one being "red" and the other being dead in the first to second volley. (you can get a head shot with a shot gun on gears)

I play on both (CBO S. Bronx) and I must say the only difference in aiming from a pc to a console is that one uses a thumb will the other uses a wrist. Most console games you can adjust your sensitivity to compensate for the speed of a mouse. Anyone who has played halo2 on a console knows that there are some really good snipers out there that can get multiple head shots with one clip in rapid succession like they were on a keyboard and mouse.

It is much harder to aim on a console thus requiring more skill. A persons wrists is used more day to day sharp movements that require precision i.e, driving, stirring milk in your coffee, heck waiving hello. While your thumb is used for texting and picking up things. To adapt your thumbs to move with precision that your accustomed to having in your wrist takes time and skill.

On the pc you have the luxury of picking up your mouse to recenter yourself, we all do it even the best of us, look at the NYTimes video article about fatal1ty. You cant do that on a console.

First, strictly PC gamers bagged on console games because of the graphics. That race is now closer than ever. Now its the aiming. But the ps3 will allow people to use a keyboard and mouse if they choose to in UT. So the line are becoming more burred when comparing platforms. I think hardcore PC gamers or behaving like Apple loyalist. You have a good experience on something and now you are better that everyone esle.



My best friend and I were just having this same conversation the other day, and for the most part I agree with you. There are some genres that just dont belong on some types of systems. FPS's on the tv just arent the same as being up close and personal to your monitor (not to mention the difference in controls) and sports games just suck on the PC. At one point I ran emulators for some of my old school favorite console games and bought a gamepad. It still wasnt the same. So, in the words of The Offspring "you gotta keep 'em seperated"




Well, he could just get a xbox controller for the PC, and then instead of gettin a console, upgrade the computer.

This way, more and more better games will be available for us PC Fraggers

If All else fails, ask Maximum PC.



I've always thought this is a great idea. Should have been done a long time ago imho, yet it never has been.

If there is one port that I fantasize about it's porting an actual PS2(console not PC connector) to USB so that you can play your games with a decent controller.

Case in point. I recently picked up the '05 copy of GTA San Andreas. Well I tried playing that with the KB an lemme tell you there are so many functions involved it's basically impossible. Even for someone who rocked Deus Ex when it came out. So I went out and picked up a Saitek P2900 wireless controller. I hate the damn thing and am stuck with a controller I will probably NEVER use again. It takes on a life of it's own and I have to unplug the doodle every time I stop using it. Whenever I start it I have to fight with it or upwards of 10 minutes before I can even get one button or analog stick to work properly.

With a patch cable made to convert a console controller to a PC controller that would solve the issue entirely as I have a use for it if it isn't compatible with a PC game.

Someone hear my plea NOW dang it. Give me a legit controller so I can take over San Andreas!!! lol

"If at first you don't succeed... Shoot the summabiotch. Problem solved."



I have this convertor and have had no problems with it. You can get it at Wal-Mart for only $10.00. Here is the company link.....
I love being able to use my Xbox Controller on MS FS X and Flatout2, It is lots easier than the keyboard.



The 2 things that erks me the most, is how games that PC gamers made popular eg. CoD and BF1942 ect. Are getting ported, and Worst of all, Consol exclusives, eg. CoD3 (even tho it stunk) These companies are forgetting the PC gamers that made them popular and don t give a rip snorin snot bout us. Lookit CoD4 MULTI-PLATFORM!!!
That bugs me alot.



While scoring a headshot on Halo 2 on Xbox is very rewarding (however unlikely that is), you just can't justify having sniper rifles in a console shooter. What, you actually expect me to try to use it?



I will agree with you that Consoles are not the proper platform for RTS, FPS and MMO. I will however not agree that they should stop porting games to the PC. You need to look at it as what it is. Ports are good; crappy ports are bad! There is a huge difference between a good port and a crappy port of a game. Good ports take advantage of the KB/mouse combo whilst crappy ones retain all of the console style menus. Some games don't even give mouse use as an option which is hell IMO.

Sports games are fine on the PC, IF you use a controller. Flying/Racing games are super on the PC, IF you use a controller. The 360 controller is perfect for these types of games. Those more hardcore into the genres can always pickup a yoke, joystick and throttle for flying or a wheel / pedal set for driving. Nobody in their right mind will use WASD for flying / driving games. Those that do and get a bad taste in their mouth only have themselves to blame. The variety of PC peripherals is exponential compared to the bland scene of console gaming.
Pickup some more peripherals and play your flight sims, racing games and sports games again and write another article. I'm betting you will find answers by doing so.
While I will agree to an extent that ports can be bad, they aren't bad if done properly. I will agree that party games are not for the PC. I just couldn't see playing mario party in front of my PC with 3 other friends. Thats the console scene and I'm totally OK with that.
Please take another good, hard, look; you may like what you see.


"if it requires some kind of joystick to operate in real life, there's no reason why you should be mashing W, S, A, or D to do so in virtual life"

I agree completely with this statement, but I believe the statement completely misses the point. If the flying/racing game is a simulation then the program should be on a PC, regardless of whether or not it is playable with a mouse and keyboard.
Can you play a racing or flying sim with W,S,A,D? No. Can you play a racing or flying sim on a console? No. Note that I am considering "sims" to be proper, brutal, hardcore sims, such as GTR2, GT Legends, Grand Prix Legends, rFactor, netKar Pro, IL-2, Battle of Britain, Falcon 4.0, Microsoft Flight Simulatior and Lock On: Modern Air Combat.
If any type of simulation (which, does qualify under the "Flying/Racing/Whatever" umbrella) ever ended up exclusively in the realm of consoles, it would cease to exist. There is no market for simulations on consoles. Simulations are also unplayable on console gamepads. The simulations I have listed above require either a joystick or a
steering wheel and pedals. An analog mini-joystick on a gamepad will not work.
Just because something doesn't work with a mouse and a keyboard doesn't mean it should automatically get shipped to consoles.


Pretty sure the point there was games like Halo, Madden, etc... belong on a console. And games like BF2, oblivion, etc... should stay the hell off consoles. I've played halo on pc and xbox. PC sucks. I've played BF2 on xbox360 and Pc. I stopped using xboxs because that game pissed me off so much.




keyboards are fine for the console

If you are truly a good gamer, you should be able to migrate between gamepad and keyboard+mouse. Things work different with every person too. A person might be much better off with a gamepad than a keyboard+mouse with a first person shooter.

As a gamer, if I like different genres of games like party games AND first person shooters AND rpgs. Why do I have to go with different systems?!? Alas this is the way of the world right now...

I personally would love a system that could have all my games, rather than migrating between systems, but that is my opinion.



Oh yes, there are joysticks. Now, let's count how many flying games have been released for the PC recently. Games that don't have "Microsoft," "Flight," or "Simulator" in the title, mind you.

There was a glory day of flying. It started around Wing Commander / X-Wing, and officially died at Freelancer. Put 'em on the console where I don't need to buy a second controller to play, and keep them there.



Well, let's just go ahead and stipulate that no serious flying games (sims, not arcade games like Wing Commander or X-Wing) are playable on a console.

Sadly, few sims are being released these days, but there's still plenty of great stuff available...
MS Flight Sim (plus hundreds of add-ons)
Falcon 4: Allied Force
Lock On: Modern air Combat
If you've ever seen MSFS X, you know that people who love that sim are, by necessity, doing their part to drive the high-end PC hardware business forward.



I could swear that they have released multiple joysticks for the PC. That is why they have all of these different types of games. They give you that option for the ones that know how to use WDSA for movement. At this time Console gaming is getting all of these PC games because of the fact that they are able to produce the same visuals at this time. I do however agree with one thing that you said, FPS's are better for PC's because it is a lot more precise then a joystick. They are getting better in consoles, however.



You seem to be arguing different topics. There's computer/console, but also keyboard/mouse vs. joystick/gamepad. Certain controllers work better for certain games, regardless of system. Would anyone have bought into the DDR or Guitar Hero craze if their hokey controllers weren't developed for them? Did you ever play Track n' Field on the PowerPad?

It's not so much computer/console as little screen/big screen. DDR and GH are party games. Parties like to watch big TVs. However, Guybrush Threepwood belongs on the small screen. Even if there was a keyboard/mouse for PS3, he simply doesn't belong on your 42" LCD even though I'm sure he'd be awesome. Let Mario run the living room.
Design your game. Decide on the best way to manipulate the action (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, nunchuk, etc.). If it doesn't exist, invent it. THEN release it on the system you think has the best audience for it. I'm still waiting for my Pokemon MMORPG. Will it be PC? Will the DS/Wii hammer something out? Will Nintendo pimp out Pikachu to Xbox Live? Who knows.
Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!

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