Starz Pulls Back from Netflix Streaming



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I personally use and prefer Netflix to Hulu and other sites,, First and foremost for variety of Content and second to NO commercials.  Rather pay my fees UP front, not constantly by watching commercial interuptions when viewing TV.   Hulu's commercials are not bad when compared to std. commercial TV; but as long as they still have commercials, WHY pay for premium content.

Netflix is making a MAJOR strategic error by Producing Shows???!!!! Stupid  MAJOR STUPID.   The cost of producing those shows would be much better spent in BUYING More and Better/ Newer Content.   Their growth is envied and feared by studios, something which cannot be helped.   Netflix offers a better product (DVD in mail) and Service (Unlimited Streaming) on TV/Movie content than any other provider .. and their popularity with consumers is reflected by that growth.    If Netflix continues to attempt to be a HBO and produce shows.. they will ulitimately allow HULU or another provider take their place in the INTERNET STREAMING MARKET .    Google is there, Microsoft is headed there.  Apple is working on it.  Amazon is pushing into Streaming Free content vs. their PAY-per-VIEW which is now 'FREE' for Premier Member, so even folks who don't want to buy lots from Amazon can obtain 'Free' Content for $79 a year. which is amazingly similar to the $7.99 plans for Streaming only by Netflix and for Hulu PLus.  






This is the reason cable companys are moving toward tiered data plans. They can then stiffle competition and blame it on heavy users when in reality they are frightened about what the future holds for them--instead of inovating and moving forward..AOL anyone?



I've never been impressed with the quality of the stream from Starz on Netflix.  I've had too many occasions where it looks worse than a VHS recording.  



Are you watching on a PC or a console, because the quality on consoles is significantly better than it is on the PC. 



The viewing quality on PC all depends on the quality of PC you are using. If you are using a PC that isn't really designed for graphics, like a lot of net books out there...your viewing pleasure will be diminished. On  the flip side, if you're using a dedicated HTPC (Home Theater) your viewing quality will be top notch, at least equal too and more often surpassing that of consoles. Consoles are very much locked into one way of viewing content...and that's it. PC users are able to adjust many variables, and thus support a much better viewing image. Of course, regardless of your choice of PC or console, your internet connection must be solid. You get out what you put in, in regards to PC. I will however, concede to the fact that the easy route to go would be a console, it really requires no brain to use and is designed for the masses. As a side note...the viewing quality also depends on if your using a laptop screen or a 40" flat screen...just food for thought folks.



I Jedi

There goes all hope of a complete streaming library, which was going to be up-to-date.



Cable companies are having heart burn because of companies like Starz and Showtime going over to Netflix so I presume that they are putting a great deal of pressure on to Starz and Showtime to pull back some if not all of their content.  Cable companies know they cannot compete in regards to price with Netflix so they are attempting to buying up all of the content to keep it from Netflix.  The thing is that as Netflix continues to grows and thus more lucrative and cable and satellite continue to lose customers, then you will see them rushing back to Netflix and similar services.



This sucks.  Without Starz, I'll have even less things to watch.  I found value in watching Starz movies on Netflix.  It was almost like having HBO, but get to see just the top few goodies. 

Oh, there goes Spartacus....



They want people to subscribe to Starz through their satellite or cable company. If they allow people to watch them via Netflix immediately, then you don't need to. It's all about dollar signs in the end. In my opinion a company needs to come out to where TV is literally interactive so you can choose to watch what episodes or movies you want when you want. Companies are dead set on the ways things are because they would have to spend too much of their profits to make it happen. Nothing like companies putting profit before technological leaps. At this rate 2050 is going to look very similar if not worse than today. lol



What content owners fail to realize is what the customer wants.  The customer wants a Netflix "like" solution where we pay a monthly fee and can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, through one easy to use interface (there are some improvements Netflix needs to make, like multiple queues, parental filters, etc).  I refuse to "rent" a show or movie, a flat reasonable monthly fee is the only way I'll do it.

If content owners fail to change and keep trying to kill Netflix, well, frankly, there's a world out there with 100 better ways for me to be spending my time anyway and there seem to be plenty of people willing to keep throwing their money at the various other "rental" services, so we'll see.

Here's hoping that Netflix can stay relevant!



The content owners are only hurting themselves in the long run. It is so much easier to go to one site to view this material than to have to run to multiple sites with multiple logins and interfaces and delivery methods.

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