Sprint Cancels Accounts of Customers Who Make Too Many Billing Inquiries

Sprint Cancels Accounts of Customers Who Make Too Many Billing Inquiries

Approximately 1,200 customers that Sprint seems to consider too “clingy” and “needy” have received Dear John letters explaining that the wireless giant just needs some space to work things out. In traditional breakup fashion, the carrier took an “it’s not you, it’s me” approach, stating in the letter that “we [Sprint] are no longer able to meet your wireless needs.” Friends of both parties had noted that Sprint had seemed “distant” and “unapproachable” in recent weeks, fueling speculation that the relationship was on the rocks. Although Sprint previously had simply explained the change due to “being tired because of stress at the office,” the true nature of the carrier’s personality change is now evident. Friends have also noted that they don’t want to take sides but hope things won’t be too awkward when the former partners run across each other. Said one person who wished not to be identified, “There’s a barbecue coming up next week that I know both of them are invited to. I hope Sprint doesn’t show up with someone new.”

Jilted consumers might want to pick up a nice bottle of wine and drop by and see Verizon, whose divorce was recently finalized, or invite T-Mobile over, put on some Boyz II Men, and see what develops.

On a positive note, Sprint explained that “this action occurs without penalties and waives their final charges.” However, customers are still stuck paying for handsets that may or may not work with their new carriers. The Consumerist has more details and has asked people who have been dropped but still have billing issues to call their hotline.



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FYI for Nextel users as well. I recently tried to obtain a record of walkie talkie usage. I was told that the only way to get such information from my own account was to file a court order. After several more phone calls about the matter I was informed that any further inquiries made in the matter would inqure but not limited to minute usage charges from my cell phone to their customer contact center, billed hours fom their legal dept, and technical support charges, In short stay away from this company at all costs and if you have any account get out as soon as your contract expires.

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