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Lets see....MS releases XP SP3 which noone even needs....Apple forces Safari on people.

When are consumers going to wake up? You don't need 1/2 the crap that large companies put out.

Im so sick of MS, Apple, and even Linux (but not for the same reason). The only problem I still see with Linux is when are they gonna learn to spell?

WTF does sudo mean anyways? As for MS and Apple, they're just out of control!

Every company in the news, is acting like two year olds. No you can't use my driver on your' we MUST have 32 billion codecs, no you must spend many $$ just to run an MS OS that noone wants and doesn't even work properly.

Quicktime is 75% spyware as is WPM, where is the U.S. government lately? Where is the Supreme Court? Where is the intelligent consumer?

And for gawds' sake and (off topic) how many more years must I wait for ALL case manufacturers to put all those tiny cables into one big connector?
Where is the Bureau of Standards anyways?

This whole industry is getting WAY out of hand and its all going to come crashing down around our heads...when some beneficent programmer finally gets fed up and codes an OS that simply works with ALL components and scales for the lowly to the enthusiast to the corporate consumers. We have the technology to do it, and do it in english.

Popeye wouldn't put up with this crap and neither should anyone else.

Lets apply the computer industries standards to...lets say....our Armed Forces......
Sorry Sir, I can't shoot the enemy my firmware isn't updated! Get a clue people...YOUR' money is what the industry YOU have the upper hand.

The Bureau of Standards was created for a reason,
who remembers what that reason was?

I want to meet the person that goes to the supermarket and lays down hard cash for 1/2 processed food...aka fish with bones, meat with worms, rotten fruit etc. You don't let the supermarket do that, but then turn right around and let the computer industry do it to you and then brag to your' friends what a wise consumer you are.

Lastly....Microsoft you aren't fooling isn't "tick, tock" it's really "crap, 1/2 crap, crap, 1/2 crap" ad infinitum.

LMAO.....Sim City works on any bugs, no updates, no patches etc. Sure WoW is a much more complicated program...but the principle is the same. Would YOU buy a car with no wheels or no dashboard? Of course not. So why do you rush out and buy 1/2 baked software. Time to wake up and smell the coffee people....time to let YOUR' money speak for you.

I'm truly glad im 51 years old and smoke cigarettes and eat least I'll be dead when they invent the must-have stool monitor...that of course will require 3 codecs, multiple updates and 17 patches before it operates correctly.

Lemmings aren't even as stupid as the U.S. consumer. When you have 15 year old code modders that can put that extra polish on a piece of software that 47 200K/yr coders can't...there's a BIG problem.

As a finish to my "rant" all those who bought their ISP's Security Software....don't EVEN complain when your' inbox is filled with spam emails. Oh bad....I can still fork over 30-70$ a year for non-ISP security software, that actually doesn't let my ISP read every damn thing I send over the internet, and then sell that info to other companies that will fill my inbox even faster....and then allow my ISP to save the day with even more craptacular Security Programs that THEY are causing the need for in the first place.

I'll bet anyone any amount that I can keep my calendar, address book etc, up to date with a 59 cent notebook and a pencil in half the time they can do it with a $1,600 Ipod/pad/UMPC etc and mine will be MORE secure.

GET A CLUE PEOPLE...don't be a lemming!


Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps that apple commercial with the two guys that reprisent Mac and PC would benefit with the PC guy being able to point out how craptacular the Apple Safari browser is.
Perhaps the PC guy could just take all the Mac guys crap then pull a gun out and shoot the Mac guy.
But I'm losing myself.
The last time I actually liked Mac was in computer science class working on the Apple IIc.
They were actually neat back then.
And man. Word Perfect is still used? I remember booting off of a floppy and loading word perfect at the prompt. Those were the days.
Kids just don't know how good they have it these days.



Agreed. I'd love to have Apple stop bugging me to install Safari. I'm not f'ing interested. FF3b5 works great for me.



WTF is wrong with Apple? Yah, I got an iPod, but I don't want your damn browser. What does internet browsing have to do with loading songs on my mp3 player? Can somebody point me toward a site that shows how to disable Apples force-feeding updater so it will stop bugging me to install their hacked-in-20-minutes browser?

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