SLI and CrossFire Fans Unite! Make Vista Pay Attention to Your Second GPU!

SLI and CrossFire Fans Unite! Make Vista Pay Attention to Your Second GPU!

NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire are designed to provide scorching dual-GPU 3D goodness. Only trouble is, Windows Vista may not have been cooperating.

The Solution for the "Dissing Your Second GPU" Blues

X-bit Labs reports today that Microsoft has released a fix for systems that ignore the second GPU. According to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 936710, the solution involves replacing three files (D3d10.dll, D1d10core.dll, and Dxgi.dll). Updates are available for all Vista editions, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to Vista gaming performance after the updates are made.



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Are you SERIOUS,

With the huge development cycle for Vista (6 years) along the creation of SLI (4 years ago) you'd think they woulda been playing with there head up. When it comes to compatibility with a well known technology they should've been ready. It's not like Nvidia and AMD said "surprise" here's a new tech, deal with it NOW.

It's kinda like that Austin Powers scene where that guy is run over by a slow steamroller!

I thought you knew?



seems like alright news. to bad microsoft said they are releasing a new os in 3 years. doesn't seem like they are really putting as much support behond vista as people would like.



Quick note: When Microsoft says its releasing a new OS in 3 years they mean microsoft time. and to figure out microsoft time is 1 calendar year equals 2.347 microsoft years, so for the next version of Windows expect July 2014



Great news!

After everything bad heard about Vista - the OS can only get better and better (like this) with time.. everyone still buying copies of XP will groan later on - and vista can only ~inescapably~ become a better gaming platform with time and proof testing; as we don't even know what dx10 gaming is like yet. That's what the 8800's were DESIGNED for, right?

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