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I was an early adopter of the slacker radio and I have to say I miss it greatly. It ended up freezing on me one night after playing it and I had to send it in for an RMA. Apparently it just came in but I haven't seen it yet.

ANYWAY: I love it. A few things I wish they would add is some sort of auto-wireless update. As of now you have to tell it to connect.

Also, when it goes to standby it skips whatever you paused before it went to standby. It just goes to the next song. That's very annoying especially if you paused for a phone call or something.

I agree with the power button being annoying. I would also like the "HOLD" icon to either be more transparent or to disappear after a little while.

Heh, maybe I should be telling slacker this instead of MPC...

But yeah, I LOVE it and I don't listen to my Pod anymore. Except for Podcasts and books (woot MPC podcast!)



The review mentions the prices of the 4GB and 8GB models, but doesn't mention the price of the model reviewed. I guess I'll have to google it...



D'oh! An oversight on my part. The 2GB model sells for $200; I've updated the review.


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