Showtime and Netflix Hammer Out a New Streaming Deal



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Got tired of reruns on FIOS.

Much of the videos hosted on netflix is actually taken from Amazon video server farms so then I bought the amazon video account as well then I canceled my FIOS tripple pay and just have internet.

Then for the phone service I bought and now I never have to pay another phone bill ever again



Seemingly every day I am reminded of how good an idea it was to cancel my NetFlix sub 6 months ago.

NetFlix sure seems to be going the wrong way.  28 day waits on new releases (when I can get them same-day-as-DVD-Release on my cable), and now removing popular streaming content for, evedently, more content of a lesser quality.




You act as if Netflix has any control in that. If you want to blame someone, blame the content publishers. They are the ones who set the restrictions, not Netflix. They are also the idiots that think we are going to subscribe to 10 different streaming services to access content. I will keep my Netflix account, and I didn't need whatever isn't on there anyway.

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