Showdown 2007: Big Indy Style's All In It!

Showdown 2007: Big Indy Style's All In It!

Yes, that's right. It's LAN party time once again! We're rocking Indianapolis this time around, bringing the hottest games, coolest interns, and cases upon cases of energy drinks to the Midwest. Alas, scheduling conflicts prevented any of the Maximum PC editors from making the trip to Ohio's Neighbor*, but rest assured that you'll find plenty to do over the next few days!

So if you're in the area, swing on by! All the fun's going down at the Indiana Convention Center / RCA Dome. Best of all, it's free! Gaze! Gawk! Stand in awe! Take pictures! Cheer on your fellow gamers as they play round, after round, after painful round of de_dust.

If you're not in the Midwest. Well, it's ok. You can still check out all the action using the Official Showdown Webcams of Awesomeness. Click on the title! Let us know if you see anything cool or horrific!

And have no fear; we'll have a full wrap-up for you once the event's over. Happy fragging!




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I have been attending the Lan, my first one ever. It has been a great fun experience. I cannot stay until the wee hours of the morning but while I am there it has been non-stop fun. I greatly appreciate all of the sponsors who are there and those who could not make it. Play Bioshock for the first time. I cannot wait to build my new rig so I can play it at home.

Thanks again, and I hope there is a Lan Showdown 2008 Indy style.


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