Seven Rules for Safer Holiday Shopping



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Jessica Wagner

This advice is really great! Especially since more and more people are doing their Christmas shopping online. I just wanted to recommend a really cool site to check out if you want to find some unique and even handmade Christmas gifts online.  CaribeBay Mall is a really cool place to shop, because they make it a fun experience, with streaming radio, interactive flash and brightly colored scenes. Check it out!



Too much is never enough
I had recent experience with Kodak on line which inclines me to think that even the larger companines are not beyond the old bait and switch routine or worse. I responded to their email advertisement and tried to take advantage of their offer. When I went to check- out to buy it the offer was not honored. I called their cust.svc. line and was told the web site is having a problem and she would call me when the offer was being accepted. She never called. Subseqient attempts to get the offer were futile. They claimed the offer timed out and they couldn't honor it. I had doucumntation of the web site "problem" and they still refused to do anything abut it.


Talcum X

Excellent, Smithers! Great group of heads up stuff!

Other online places to shop for deals/coupons are:,, (I know we are aware of these for years, but just a reminder, and they all have customer ratings of the sellers). And something that has recently hit the TV airwaves, I don't know if it's nationwide, I haven't checked it out yet, and anyplace that sells anything is blocked here at work....stupid IS dept. Anyone know how to bypass TREND MICRO™ InterScan Gateway Security Appliance?

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.




Great job in arming MaxPC readers against the bad guys while finding the good buys.

One suggestion I'd add is to use the 'click-and-brick' or 'click-and-mortar' online/retail store integration offered by some companies to check availability of products, especially if you want to pick them up in person. I've used this method to track down good deals at various local retailers when I didn't want to wait for the FedEx or UPS truck.

Another reason to avoid buying stuff from the Bob's Tire and Computer Emporium-type stores is the possibility of getting counterfeit product. Everything from Microsoft Windows and mice to Adaptec SCSI host adapters and popular motherboard brands have been counterfeited over the last few years.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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