Scythe Ninja Plus


Scythe Ninja Plus


The Scythe Ninja Plus is a huge-ass cooler, but it’s surprisingly light. Hugeness usually equals goodness when it comes to heatsinks—more surface area means more cooling power, which the Ninja delivers.

The Ninja sports a copper base plate, six copper heat pipes, and aluminum fins that look a little like ninja throwing stars, if you squint. You can theoretically attach the included 12cm fan to any side of the cooler, but its huge size (both the heatsink and the fan are massive) forced us to mount the fan blowing up toward the power supply. It’s not an ideal orientation, but it sufficiently cooled the CPU and components around the CPU socket.

Installation doesn’t require mobo removal for AMD boards, but it does for LGA775. With the provided retention module in place on either platform, you’ll simply push four tabs down to lock the cooler in place.

During testing, the Ninja’s performance was right in the thick of things. It didn’t turn in the best scores, but it’s very close, and impressively quiet. Scythe claims the Ninja runs around 23dbA, which sounds about right to us.

It takes up a lot of space, but top-of-the-line qualities make the Ninja highly desirable.

Month Reviewed: July 2006

+ NINJA: Silent, chilly, and easy to install.

- PIRATE: Homongous footprint.





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