Samsung Syncmaster 206BW



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WHere can i get one of these



Greatly appreciate Ker0 Zen's comments and info.

Just got a 2nd 206BW (new, $189) to run two 206BWs off an nVidia-based 8800 GT, switching between DualView and Span modes (and surprisingly having to disable SLI and the 2nd 8800 GT I'd been running to do this).

The new monitor made the image on my older one pale in comparison. Those colors which I thought looked spectacular, now looked yellow shifted to me. (Like the whites of a photo fading with age ;-)

The older monitor was outsorced to CPT, not AU or CMO. (And the new 206BW replaced the "Panel Info" line with 2 HDCP HotPlug related lines.

I can experiment with the .ICM, but do you think the .ICM file to corrct the AU's color would work in 1 or 2 monitor case, and for different "outsorces"? Or would I be better tweaking the gamma?




I also went with the bigger 226BW. Alsolutly perfect and earns the Kick Ass rating.



And this puppy will set me back how much?


Ker0 Zen

Please take note that Samsung outsourced part of its production to AU Optronics and CMO.

It can be verified on the backpanel label. For more information, go to this article (sorry in french only).

To exactly know who manufactured your monitor, please follow those steps:
- Get contrast and luminosity to zero (0)
- Press the Menu button
- Press the Source button for five (5) secondes (second from rigth

A secret "Service Function" menu will then appear. Look for the "Panel Info" line. It's there!

To help you get the rigth colors from the AU version, in the article (on page 3), they propose an .ICM file that corrects the colors so you'll get the same rendering as the "S" version.


You'll also need Wincolor (from the microsoft web site) to apply this ICM.

Good luck!

Oh!. By the way! I do have the "A" version, and the ICM file did a fairly good job of correcting the colors!



I went with the bigger brother- 226bw... no complaints here!!!

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