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If you're looking for this drive, this is the latest model:Samsung (SATA) SH-S203N with lightscribe. Firmware ver SB02. $35.00 at Microcenter, ($25.00 for one without lightscribe) go to their store or website. Bought 2 in February 2008 and there still going. 

I must agree on an article from 1 YEAR AGO being downright offensive when it's listed under "best of the best".Even if this product is still the best, a few copy and paste updates to the page would be doable.

I have been a subscriber to Maximum PC since you're first issue back in 1998 when the Pentium II was king (gasp) and the PIII was around the corner to be released. 

It's nice to read a hardware mag that isn't 90% spam and bought out opinions.



Tried finding this drive for my new machine . . . Amazon didn't have it, Newegg didn't have it, so I bought it from some random online store . . . . it's been a month now and it hasn't shipped.  New DVD recommendation please!



I seached for this drive on Newegg and couldn't find it. I also checked on Samsung's web site and it isn't shown on their product page. Time for a new best of best DVD burner?



Sorry, I'd like to upgrade to a good SATA burner, I'm currently using a LG DVD-RW drive which is working just fine. Lightscribe has become a requirement though.

 Any recommendations on a good SATA DVD-RW with lightscribe?



Are you seriously telling me that MaximPC is showing a dvd writer that was reviewed almost a year ago as being the best?   Is this updated?  is it still the best in September of 2008?  I come here for advice, i read the article, then i notice the date!!!!!!!!  If this is still the best then let me know, otherwise i am disappointed that such a cutting edge magazine would be that far out of it.





Yipes, the same thing happened to me 2 years ago on a Samsung.  And I was about to plop my money down.  Guess I'll wait awhile to see how other users fare with this burner.

I agree, Maximum, you guys should "burn in" a burner just like you would a new build.  Not to change the subject, but I just built a new machine especially for Vista.  I used a Lite On and a Samsung DVD burner from the system I just tore down.  They are bothe IDE.  For two weeks they ran fine.  Then I downloaded SP1 for Vista, installed it, and now I cannot load drivers for them.  Vista sees them as SATA instead of IDE.  I think that's the problem.  But I can't even load a CD or DVD to try and load a driver .  Tried downloading, nothing works.  That's why I wanted that Samsung SH-S203.  By the way, my mobo is an Asus M3N-HT Deluxe.

Did not mean to hijack the thread! Rock on, Maximum!!!!



I searched Samsung's Web site for support for their SH-S203B optical DVD drive and found none. So It might have been Maximum PC's "pick" at the time it was released.



Search by catagory?
SH-S203B Support page
Download the firmware bin, executable, and have at it.

Also, B's now have litescribe if that floats some boats.



I've had two of these because Maximum PC gave it a KICK ASS 9 score. Within a month (3 days past my refund return date) it stopped writing. The other one lasted about one more week and it did the same thing. Tried on another computer and wouldn't burn. Maximum PC, you should really try a burn in test on these and then rate them again.

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