Samsung PN50C800 3D HDTV Review



The fact that ABouman stated that the TC-P50VT25 consistently produced clearer, cleaner images, and that it is even 'slightly' better than the PN50C8000 is absolutely a legendary joke. Everybody absolutely 'NEEDS' to view the following URL:



This review is absolutely ridiculous; so sophomoric it should not even have been posted on the internet. Did anyone proof read this review?  FYI:  You need to check out CNET to really see how professional reviewers really go about evaluating a sophisticated product like this.

I own one of these TVs and I could not be happier with my purchase. From your review it sounds like your examining a completely different TV. I read this review wondering what you were talking about most of the time: Burn-in? Over-saturated colors? You reviewed still images--Are you serious? TVs are about motion! Of course there's going to be some burn-in if you leave the image on the TV stationary for too long a time period. The set has ample utilities that operate in the background to combat burn in. Did you know that?

BTW this is a >2.3K plasma TV. In regards to the performance of the TV you say, "...was serviceable..." like you are talking about a old car that has seen its better days.

I used the Spears and Munsil HD benchmark disc to evaluate my PNC50C800 (did you?) as well as its connected DVD player (Oppo 83) and the colors were so dead-on accurate I didn't have to tweak anything. The only problem with my set is that the picture is not perfectly centered: It's off by 22 pixels top to bottom. Big deal.

I'm not even going to comment on all the other ridiculous often meaningless observations...

One thing this review taught me is how inaccurate and unprofessional MaximumPC reviews can be.



Have you tested the Samsung next to the Panasonic?

I'm just saying...

Multiple editors noticed an immediate difference between the two displays; and that's not to say that the Samsung performed poorly - after all, it scored a solid 7 - however, there was in fact some burn-in and the colors were quite saturated. Sorry, but that's the truth. And yes, there are utilities to combat burn-in (all plasmas feature something to combat burn-in), but after spending 2.3K on a HDTV wouldn't you hope to see ZERO burn-in? Maybe that's just us....

As far as testing, yes, we test still photos along with several other DisplayMate tests, as well as movie watching and game playing (in both 2D and 3D) hence the statement that "none of these issues were readily apparent during movie watching" (as well as this statement in the Panasonic review: "But let’s get real: You’re not going to be sitting in a testing lab checking out still photos when you’ve got a 50-inch plasma in front of you. You’re going to be watching something with an explosion or a fight, like right now.") So, real-world useability was certainly factored in.

Either way, we're glad you're happy with your Samsung set, there's certainly no reason not to be. We just saw the Panasonic consistently produce clearer, cleaner images, is all.




Enjoyed the review however I want to clarify what you saw with the Displaymate menu was not Burn In but rather IR or Image Retention. Burn in is a permanent condition IR is a temporary condition that fades away as it did in your case.


Dual Citizen

Samsung's are always "Wow!" out of the box, but out of warranty (sometimes just days out of warranty) many of us discover that Samsung has included inferior power supply design with the product.  (Google "Samsung" "Power Supply" "Problem" for many examples).

One of the main complaints of Samsung customers is that Samsung refuses to acknowledge many of these problems, and customers who frequently have paid over $2K for high end models must fight to get warranty extensions to cover a clear design defect, otherwise the cost of repair is hundreds of dollars plus loss of your television until it is returned from repair.

I would hope that Max PC would note these epidemic quality problems on (slightly) older Samsung equipment when reviewing the exciting new stuff.

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