Samsung is Not Installing Key Logging Software on New Laptops



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Wow I’m so surprised that he reports proved to be false. I’m just being ironic; believing all the things we read on the internet would make us seem naive. Some people may say that the internet is the biggest source of information, which is true. I also think that most of the things we find on the internet are valid but that doesn’t mean we have to believe everything. For example, I wanted to find out more about enterprise private cloud; I did find useful information but I have also found a website (it’s not worth mentioning it) where people made many useless comments and some of them were in contradiction.



And the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists are all over this like flies on shit!

You know, both of you morons have been asked many many many times for your proof that these backdoors, spyware, and other things actually exist, yet you never deliver. Never. Not once. You usually go on about some random crap that you pull out of your ass, or start bitching about how its really true and you know it.

So, why don't you prove it? Full reports, from multiple pieces of software designed to detect this stuff, actual hard drive scans, IP sniffs, etc to back up your wack-job claims.

Prove it! Site your sources, back up your claims. Prove to us that what you are spouting off on your soapbox is true.

And when you can't, shut the hell up!


Bullwinkle J Moose


Microsoft maintains plausible deniability for the NSA key I believe you are referring to.

They do not have plausible deniability for the other indicators of spyware that I was referring to

You can check all my old posts for further information as it would take way to long to explain here


Bullwinkle J Moose

I can point out several instances of Microsoft and Gov't sponsored spyware in Windows OS's and nobody investigates any of it yet some lunatic makes a wild, unfounded claim against Samsung and the media are all over it..

Well, if the news media is 100% SURE that the news media is not involved in the coverup of Microsoft Spyware, who are we to question them?

There is only one way to be sure....





We know that they are putting NSA back doors in their OS for a while bu tyou cant actually expect them to turn over their source code

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