Samsung HD103UJ Terabyte Drive



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Bought 3 with production date june 2009. 2 failed on me in the first 2 weeks. These drives have multiple issues. SATA compatibility, high temperatures, spin-up time fluctuations and mysterious writes to the partition table.Unreliable disk, don't buy!





I, too, trusted your BotB recommendation and picked up two of these drives from NewEgg, ignoring the low user rating.  About six weeks after installing them, one has gone bad, consistently throwing IO errors and locking up my whole machine for 5-25 seconds at a time. The worst part is that i'm outside NewEgg's return window, and Samsung says that if their ES-Tool diagnostic software doesn't detect a failure they won't RMA the drive. Of course ES-Tool says the drive is fine, and even if I could return it Samsung would only give me a refurbished drive in exchange.  That stinks.





Your comparison of the Seagate 7200.11 is a bit vague.  Which one was used in the comparison?  I'm curious if the new 1.5 TB Barracuda stacks up to these drives.  Also, how about adding a best of the best SSD HDD categoy.  That'd be awesome!



I hate to say it but I got one of these drives from Newegg igoring
the low score on Newegg's ratings list.  I trusted the BOTB listing(not
to say I don't still trust you guys).  I hadn't used it much until a
few days ago but in both XP and Vista and it continually askd me to
reformat because its not formatted.  I don't know but I going to trade
it out for a WD drive.   It's fair to say that MaximumPC is going to
have to respond to the reported high failure rate(to see what their
long term experience with this drive is).



I know these things are fast, but have you heard about the supposed high rate of failure and data loss with them?

Did that factor into the review at all, or would you give it a lower score now?



If this drive is going to be on the BOTB list, I think Mayhemm's question deserves a response.  1TB of storage is usless if the device is prone to failure.

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