Samsung Epic 4G Review



I've had this phone for 2 weeks now. There is a definate learning curve associated with the phone and functions.

However, once you get the feel for it, it has replaced my laptop almost completely! The biggest complaint for the OS on it is that you can not multitask, ie... one browser window at a time so if you click a url that has to open another window, you are out of luck, no redirects for you.

We have NO 4G coverage any where near me, but the 3g network is actually pretty speedy on its own and if you are near a wifi connection, it picks up seemlessly most of the time. I have my wifi radio set to turn OFF when the phone is "locked" as in, in my pocket! This helped the battery life a lot, and an app manager is pretty much mandatory to mind your background aps and keep them from killing your battery while its idle.


Android ap market has a few that are free and work well so its not a big deal, just install something that really should have come prebundled with it in the first place.


all in all, I love the phone, switched over from nextel, the only "android" phone they offer stinks in comparrison and always will. only so much tech you can cram under the hood of a phone apparently.


I have and do reccomend this phone as an iPhone replacement, apple stores and genius bars be damned give me the android market place anyday! sooooo much free stuff, worth the price to get the phone!



Yeah, incredible device. I looked also at another Samsung Epic 4G Review, and it seems everyone loves the phone. It certainly looks amazing and the best part of it (for me) is the QWERTY hardware keyboard and the display. The display is fantastic.

The battery time, IMO, is rather common problem with the smartphones. I had to charge my iPhone on a regularly basis (every night) so it is nothing new to me. I'd be happier if it lasted for 2 days, but with the frequent daily use, it seems impossible, without making the battery bigger, thus making the handset bigger in size for more power capacity. 



I came from the iPhone 2g.  Tried the Epic for a week.

LOVED the screen and the camera (camera is really amazing). Liked the instant app manager (hold home button).

HATED the thickness, power / wake button placement (you have to hit this thing all the time, and it's directly opposite the volume and sliding keyboard? - stupid), screen keyboard (I wasn't familiar enough with Android yet to try another screen keyboard), paying $30 a month for tethering without a 3rd party app workaround, trying to find the home buttons ('cuz they sleep away), no 2.2 yet.

LOVE the EVO, built-in wired tethering free, slim, huge screen, only 3 buttons on the sides, power button where it should be.

My 2cents



Why don't u guys cover Meego? I already know that you HATE Nokia but don't you think your missing something here? Nokia merged the Moblin OS(that u were hyped up about in the early stages) with Nokia's Maemo OS. The result is a highly functional ,very intuitive and simply amazing OS thats fully Open Source. The new nokia phones aint bad either :)



I've had my Epic 4g for a little over two weeks now and love it, it's by far the best phone I've ever had. I had been using an HTC Touch Pro 2 and the difference is night and day! EVERYTHING I sit down to do with this phone....just works, it's such a treat, I can't say enough good about it.

To be fair, I live in an area that has some 4G coverage and I've experienced the same drop-connect-drop of 4G network as the authors’ did. Although, truth be told, it's probably the fault of Clearwire's network rather than the phone. That's the one BIG downfall in my view...I thought I had escaped Clearwire's grasp as my ISP a few years ago, only to find out they had changed thier name to Clear and now are in the Cellular network business!!!

As for the battery life, I've read mixed review's. For myself, I get very livable battery life if I simply turn my 4G radio off when I'm not surfing the web or using it. This seems to greatly extend my battery life...Well that and keep my running programs to a minimum of course...


I could go on, but I'd be just giving a second review, sorry for the long winded response





I bought my Epic this weekend and I love it. Upgrading from a Palm Pre. The screen is fantastic, the phone is very responsive. I agree with the review 100%, battery life is the only lacking part of this phone though I manage quite well. Got my charger at home, had a Micro USB charging cable at work, and my car charger in the car.


The phone is great though. Very nice device and I couldn't be much happier with it. 



Why no comparison to the EVO? The ego has an amazing screen plays flash videos flawlessly actually it has since 2.1 because HTC added it themselves and from what I have seen this flash player is better than the Droid in terms of performance. Also the battery on this has lasted me 2 days with a decent amount of 3g and WiFi use (I have exchange set to real time update) as well as talk and text. I think the only thing that has going for it is the keyboard (maybe) and the screen.



It's another modified version of the Galaxy S platform. Same specs, just with a keyboard and 4G connectivity.


I have the Galaxy S on At&t. If it's anything like that, it's probably the best phone Sprint has. The Galaxy S platform is quickly being recognized as the best smart phone in the world right now. And it deserves it.


I Jedi

This will be my next phone that I pickup here within the next month. I'm really looking forward to it, too, as it is, as far as I know, the fastest Android phone in the U.S. currently. Anyone else got one yet, if so, how do you like it?



You should think pretty strongly before getting this phone. A couple points:

1) The software. MaxPC didn't really go into too much depth here, but TouchWiz basically feels like iOS on Android (which is great if that's your thing - but then again, why not just get an iPhone?) HTC Sense and Stock Android are so much better than Samsung's UI in my opinion.

2) Keyboard. You really have to need a physical keyboard to justify buying a phone with a physical keyboard these days IMO. In all honesty I think they're pretty unecessary and don't find myself missing one at all (I got the HTC Evo in July). If you don't need it, I see no reason to buy this phone over the Evo or Droid Incredible/X (worse battery life, bulkier, worse UI, worse camera, etc.) If you really need a physical keyboard I would strongly waiting for the G2 and then decide between it and the Epic.

3) Battery life. I think battery life would have been a deal-breaker for me with the Evo if I didn't live on a college campus with wifi everywhere. When I am not around wifi (and have to use 3G all day) I have to be somewhat conservative with my usage so that my phone won't die during the evening. The Epic has even worse battery life than the Evo does, and the Evo's is already poor.

I do think the Super AMOLED screen is lustworthy, but I could never see myself choosing the Epic unless I really needed that physical keyboard.

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