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I've seen a lot of talk about the S, A, and C models of the 226BW; the only thing that they represent is where the monitor was manufactured. The "C" stands for China, the "A" stands for Mexico, and the "S" stands for South Korea. Other than that, the monitors have been built to the same specs and go through the same QA process. There may be some minor regional differences, but they're essentially the same.




I have just bought a Samsung 906BW 19" panel and I follwed the instructions per the french website to see who made my monitor panel and it says "Worldwide" where they have the character text. Is this yet a new version? Or are they trying to cover their tracks as to who is supplying the panels for the monitors. My unit says it was made in June of 07. Anyone have the same thing?



Ker0 Zen

Please take note that Samsung outsourced part of its production to AU Optronics and CMO.

It can be verified on the backpanel label. For more information, go to this article (in french only).

To exactly know who manufactured your monitor, please follow those steps:
- Move contrast and luminosity sliders to zero (0)
- Press the Menu button
- Press the Source button for a full five (5) seconds (second from right)

A secret "Service Function" menu will then appear. Look for the "Panel Info" line. It's there!

To help you get the right colors from the AU version, in the article (on page 3), they propose an .ICM file that corrects the colors so you'll get the same rendering as the "S" version.


You'll also need Wincolor (from the microsoft web site) to apply this ICM.

Good luck!

Oh!. By the way! I do have the "A" version, and the ICM file did a fairly good job of correcting the colors!



I just purchased this very Monitor 3 weeks ago, my previous was a Neovo F419. I can't seem to understand the "7" Verdict, sure the off axis viewing isn't great but hell prob 75% of the LCD's on the market boast the same issue.With regard to the gray scaling and image I have had no problems thus far as well I see no light bleeding along the edges like my old Neovo! I have to ask which model did you review because there are three on the market right now, ("S","A","C") respectively. I fortunately got the "S" model, "S" being produced solely by Samsung and being Significantly better than the other two in which the LCD Inserts themselves were not produced by Samsung. This Monitor has in my opinion some of the richest Color and deepest Black Reproduction of any monitor I have had over the years and I upgrade my monitor about every 2 years. I would recommend this monitor to everyone, "Providing they get the "s" model. I give it a "9" and a great big smile of contentment.

PS: Remove the Cable Cover on back of the Monitor and check to see which model it is S,A,C.



i got one that was manufactured in may 2007 and it did not indicate any S,A,C letter on the back panel.

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