Samsung’s 11.6” 9 Series Takes on the Macbook Air



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can i buy it with NO os

i want to buy a lap top WITH NO OS ON IT so i can install linux on it and not have to pay $100 for somthing i am going to throw away or delet



Dude i would buy that computer over a mac book air any day brushed metal finish hits my sweet spot



If I tell Samsung that most of my electronics at home are Samsung do you think they will send me one of those i5 laptops for free???



When you are in the laptop market he name of the game is battery life, weight, portability, and design(Aesthetics). If you want performance: build a desktop. Even though this model is six months behind the competition I think SAMSUNG has done a wonderful job. It's refreshing to see a second contender in Apple dominated markets. The most important thing to remember here is: More competition means better features and lower prices for us(the consumer). Go SAMSUNG!



Really?  Coming into the game six months later with the same generation hardware, and it's a "MBA killer?"  Samsung should have packed an i3 2310 into there, I might actually be interested.  I'll lose half an hour of battery life for a proc that has benchmark scores that're twice as high and graphics that can actually run Aero.



I don't care about thickness (or lack thereof), I want performance, performance, PERFORMANCE for the best price! The 9 Series doesn't sound too bad in specs though, but the price probably won't justify what you get for performance. I bet I can get a big, bulky heavy yet justifiable-in-price Phenom or i5 or maybe even i7 for this. But, I'm guessing Samsung was a little more prudent than Apple and made the thing at least somewhat upgradable where you can add more memory/bigger SSD, or am I wrong?

BTW, a  business-grade lappy from HP, Lenovo or Dell will easily run spreadsheet programs, and cost less. Spreadsheets happen to be the kind of apps that don't use too many resources anyways :P.



You actually can upgrade the SSDs in the latest MBAs @ OWC. The prices are freaking astronomical though. I'm pretty sure you'd be stuck with the RAM as configured though.



Correction: It has a not-much-more powerful CPU and runs the MacBook Air :P lol

This is a compelling alternative to the 11" MBA, but I'll bet the 13" MBA shits all over this thing in more than a few areas. I'm not sold on a gimped i5 at low clock speeds. "Up to 2.3 Ghz!" says Samsung's website for the 13' model. The MBA uses the c2d but it can be had at 2.13 Ghz and still claims better battery life running at that speed.

It looks pretty slick and has USB it has a few things going for it. IDK...I would probably pass, but many here would understandably jump on it because it would be pretty hard for someone to forcefully load OS X on it for them :P If I got it I'd be running Ubuntu on it.



Are you on crack? Are you saying a ci 5 2ghz is the same thing as a 2ghz C2D?!?



Did you read that? Are you on crack?!?

...I don't think the performance boost is earth-shattering in this form factor. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but that wouldn't make me a crack-addict, would it? I'm considering the whole picture (you know: battery life/efficiency, etc.)

If I was some authority on all things CPU I wouldn't be here reading about computers, I'd be teaching or writing about them. 

Get back to me with your side-by-side comparisons since you're the professor and not just another asshole on the internet.



If you look on Samsung's website, they also have a more expensive one with a 13" screen, an i5, and more memory. I want that one.

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