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I agree. The irony: AVG, Firefox and Thunderbird you pimp in this very article are free, as well as many other apps MPC pimps and we all use every day.



As a former Geek Squad tech for just over 4 years, now working a help desk position away from retail, Will nailed it. I rarely run my AVG, Spybot, and Ad-aware programs, which I have used on my various pc's over the years. Yet, I haven't had a virus since 2000, and all I ever get from the adware scans is the occassional cookies of low importance, because I use my pc the way Will describes.

It's incredible the number of otherwise highly intelligent people that get serious infections on their pc's because they think they can get something for free, or trust the email from someone they've never heard of - even though the same kind of story told to them in person would set off every personal instinct to stay away.


Try to be smarter than the object you're working with! It will make things easier, and might just save your life...



Working with numbers.
I find that most of the spam I get will have a set of numbers (sometimes before sometimes after) if you see this most likely it's not going to be worth your time..

To Read or Not to Read
When signing up for a contest or even registering at some forums and sites ALWAYS take the time to read the TOS. (or Terms of Service) A lot of times (but not always) your email address is sold to companies and by blindly clicking that box you give them every right to do it. (On a side note someone once won $1000 for just reading a TOS*)So a good way to prevent spam is not to give your email out in the first place.

Docking in Port 25?
Stmp mail is sent via port 25 and its one of the bigest targets of spamers.. Even comcast has put a block on it to prevent spam**. If your that concerned about not geting spam. Avoid mail systems that use port 25 for outgoing mail.

Know Your Role
Just installing an antivirus isn't really enough. You should take the time to learn how to configure it properly. As well as check it once in a while.. I use Kasperski which its popups will sometimes auto hide after a while. I'm not saying check it every time your on it but once in a while to posslbly catch something that may be a biger problem later.

Steve J. L.

*:Proof That (Almost) No One Reads End User License Agreements
**:Comcast takes hard line against spam



i never use any firewall or anti-virus, yet i haven't being infected once with any major or destructive virus. sure i sometime get little spy ware, but they really don't do much... except being there. and simple deletion fix it.



With the security of Firefox and it's extensions in question:


Why would you not mention Opera which has a much better security record?



good stuff Will, these tips are exactly what I tell clients when they buy a clean machine, practice safe surfing and you should have almost no problems at all.



I still use IE 7.0...,but i dont like the fact that i cant change the arrangement of the buttons. I hate the new 7.0 look.

The rule#2, well it does make since tho, if you want to have a better chance at spreading a virus, you should aim at the most used software. That is why there are so many viruses for Windows. Fewer people use linux, expecially day to day. So if you create a virus and want to see it spread, aim for the most used operating system, with the most common used software. I dont think Windows XP is that buggy, it remains my favorite operating system.



"However, millions of people use these apps, which makes them a juicy target. By simply switching to the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client, you'll cut your chances of being exploited."

So if Firefox would get 51% market share worldwide tomorrow you would still advise everyone to switch back to IE?



When that happy day arrives, I'll worry about.



I know what you guys are going to say but, I havent used a Antivirus or Spyware remover for two months now, since i built my new computer. I did an online scan from Norton, and it found nothing on my computer. The only thing i use is a firewall and my brain and it keeps me safe. I have an always on, (DSL), connection, and leave my computer on for days at a time. If you follow Will's advice, that will prevent most infections, but i gotta say you missed one thing about the anti-virus software, I see this alot, If you have an antivirus program and you dont keep it updated, its almost worthless.



weak minded link: the vede, too much HAHA...



How very true. Being able to avoid a bad site is just like avoiding suspicious people on the street. It's too bad that people actually play those "Shoot the iPod" games and click on the free ps3/360/wii ads.

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