Zalman GS1000



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I guess from a gamers perspective this case could be "missing" a few features, but I don't see the case as a gamers case.  I see it as a cheap server case.  Who needs hotswap PSU / HDD for a gamers machines? nobody thats who, its not that serious.  On the other hand, I purchased two of these bad boys for home file servers I'm building it has everything I was looking for.. the biggie being front hot swap drives.


Your review makes it sound like the front hot swap bays are some "new" way of doing things, but front hot swaps have been around forever, again not everything in the IT world is designed for world of warcraft and call of duty.

 I comment because this is the only review I could find of the case and I think its a little biased.



More pictures of inside the case would be nice.



I'd like to see a review of the new NZXT KHAOS case. It's very expensive, looks great, but is it worth it.



Oh, it's on its way...



Interesting case "review". You didn't even assemble a system to check for cooling performance, or to even make sure basic items have the correct mounting holes. No interior pictures. Did you even physically inspect this case? Or was this review based on Zalmans advertising materials?



On what do you base this assertion, Hockster?  We build a full system in every case we test -- that should be evident in the tone of the article.  Based on our extensive thermal testing of hard drive heat, hard drive bays need active air.  It doesn't have to be a gale: but a fan placed in front of or behind the bays works far better than meager suction current.  In this case, the Zalman uses its two fans to push air out of the case around the motherboard area, but this doesn't help our hard drives as well as a simple front-bay fan would.

We haven't shot interior pictures of standalone cases for as long as I've been at the magazine, and likely even before that.  The caveat there being that, yes, we will do treatment for cases as part of a larger feature roundup.  But perhaps this is something we need to add to our online review process, as I see your point -- a guts show would be quite helpful.

Anyway, I'm apt to believe that you're trolilng at this point, because it seems strange to assert that we didn't check to make sure "basic items had the correct mounting holes" when right in the text we criticize the GS1000 for misaligning the screw holes for its lower fans.

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