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Now only if Zalman could make a GPU fan cooler that didnt take up an additional slot but still gets around the same cooling performance.



Out of curiosity, what happened to the poor ol' Thermaltake
V1, rated by our very own Max PC as the best ever? After a glowing review (and
an immediate purchase by yours truly), the all but abandoned V1 has vanished
into technical obscurity. No zero point benchmarks, no head-to-head
comparisons, nothin'. Alas V1, we hardly knew thee...



system sucks in my experience. Yeah, it's "easy", but it's also easy to do it badly. After months of my stock cooler not being fully engaged with the CPU because one or more of those silly push pins was just slightly loose (something no amount of twisting and pushing would fix) I gave up and bought a Zalman 9500.

Yeah, the installation requires more work, but when it's on it's f***ing on.

Note to Dave Murphy: it's well known that the capaciters (or whatever the hell those things are) on the bottom of EVGA 680i boards interfere with Zalman's mounting bracket. You need to shave the plastic on the bracket down a bit with a hobby knife to mount it correctly. Blame EVGA.





Keith E. Whisman

Why blame EVGA? If Zalman says that it's cooler will work then they should make the change befor shipping the product. I mean come on the 680i mother board is not a new board it's been out a while and a simple change to the design of the cooler mount would fix this problem. Or at least make a note that this cooler may not work with all motherboards. Perhaps even having cutaway areas on the mounting plate to make it fit different boards. As I said the V1 does not have this problem. It fits any motherboard that an Intel stock cooler fits. So there.



Who's really at fault here? If the cooler clears and fits other 680i boards, then maybe EVGA didn't build the board to the exact specs, and placed the voltage regulators to close the socket.  If its all 680i boards then I would say that its Zalman.


Keith E. Whisman

It's not too late for them to adopt intel's cooler installations system, you know the push pins. I have the ThermalTake V1 and I love it. It's huge but it uses the push pins. It's the only way to go. I simply refuse to even purchase a cooler that does'nt use those push pins. As Mr. T would say I pittie the fool....

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