Zalman CNPS11X Review



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I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ with 2 fans. I'm curious why you only use 1. Wouldn't it be a little cooler with 2 fans?



The one thing I've noticed about attempting to clean the Zalman is the V shape.

It makes it attract more dust that any part of my PC, and its a little harder to clean it because of that.
My next CPU cooler will be more flat or box shaped and not V.

Also my OCD kicks in about the sticker on the fan. It's a smidge off center and it really makes the fan look like it's loose, but I'll eventually take the sticker off or replace the fan.

On the plus side though, its a great cooler and I picked mine up for just about 65 bucks on Newegg with some deals that I received in an email. It's works for me on my 4.5ghz 2500k. 

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