XFX Radeon HD 5830 Review



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Maybe I am missing it, but for all the discussion in the review about the card being over priced, the actual price of the card as of the review is never listed anywhere.  If I missed it, please guide me to where it is listed in the review.  Otherwise, I think you should include the price somewhere, especially given that you make the comment, "the price really needs to come down at least $20–$30 before we’d recommend it".  How will we know if it has actually come down if we can't compare it to the price at the time of the review.  Thanks!




Thank you for catching our error: Loyd compared this card to one based on the Radeon HD 5850, not the 5870. I've corrected the performance table

Michael Brown, Reviews Editor

Twitter: brownieshq 



So, was it compared to the 5850 or the 5870?  In the article you say 5850, but in the chart it says 5870.  The only reason I ask is that I'm currently waiting for the 5850 to come in the mail and would like to see a comparitive chart like this to see how it compares.



I am going with 5850, the numbers for the "5870" look too low.

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