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Over a month and a half now, and I am still playing 8+ hours a day. I donno about instances as I am a strictly PVE player. The new zones and the upgrades to the rest of the world are terrific. The quests had me entertained for the first 2-3 times I did them... The professions adds some really nice stuff and I can actually make some money off of several of them now. I regret that Chaos orbs are not sellable, I hope that changes. Deepholm and the underwater realm are just stunning and worth the view. The pacing and leveling actually goes quite quickly in comparison to Crasades and Lich King. 6 years? Geez!



They did an amazing job with Vashj'ir (the underwater area) and it's a very new and unique experience. The new Azeroth is pretty nice and they did a good job tweaking some of the old graphics such as the water. I personally don't play it much, but after over 5 years of playing even new expansions tend to be the same old stuff with different color.

Archaeology sucks!




I've been playing WoW since it was released. I've played through all the expansions and have characters both Horde and Alliance all level 80 and above including some 85's. I think the biggest change of them all that was left out completely in this review is the Dungeon difficulty. Blizzard has brought back the old school difficult dungeon style back from classic WoW. No matter what roll you play during a 5 man group you always have to think and be on your toes. No longer can you blaze through a 5man in less then 15min and have epics drop. You actually have to work for your drops and they aren't even epic. You need people that can crowd control mobs and people who can dodge, jump and move out of things to avoid getting killed. It's very interactive and very rewarding if you have a group that can pull their heads out of the sand and play their class like they should. 

As far as Archaeology.. It is very time consuming. You are pretty much forced to fly all over the world and dig up artifacts. However, it can be very rewarding as well. You can get pets, mounts, and even epic items that are bound to your account, meaning you can transfer them to other characters on the same server. This in my opinion makes it very worth while. If you say make an epic item your current class can't use, just send it to a different character. Unlike Wrath of the Lich King, this expansion doesn't have epic items falling off trees. You have to WORK for them unlike the last expansion. 




Well, I'm not a hard core WoW player at all.  I think the farthest I made it with a character was about level 25 until I stopped for about a good 9 months.  I came back because I became friends with a group of folks at work who play WoW and get together as a guild once a week (we have families - balance balance balance).

I tried a worgren and thought it was ok.  I probably should have picked something other than a fighter because my heart just isn't with the fighter.  The opening felt very linear but it was ok- not rushed.  I didn't go much further though because you are being told a story, but it just seemed so linear and boring for me.  I prefer the traditional opening where you're getting different story lines from different quest givers all at the same time.  It makes WoW feel bigger and more dynamic than just a single chain of quests and nothing else.

I also did a goblin.  Ugh.  The opening town is a-w-e-s-o-m-e, but as soon as you get used to getting around, you leave it, never to return (well not as far as I can tell.)  You then end up on an island and all of your resources - trainers, merchants - keep moving around as the goblins search for a new home.  It was very frustrating.  I was glad to finish the quest line and get to Ogrimmar so there was some stability in my character's life.

There is a goblin town in Ogrimmar but it is out of the way and I don't go to it very often.  I stay down in the lower section where the bank and AH are, and don't really venture up there.

I have noticed that leveling up is a lot faster.  It is also nice that several quests for the same area are given to you at the same time.  It has cut down on the running quite a bit.  Now that I have a trike, zooming here and there is even easier.

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