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Eva Grainy

I can name many games that used WWII as a source of historical and military inspiration, but very few made a breakthrough on this field. the psychological touch of Wolfenstein, the fact that you are in liberty to compete with yourself and constantly upgrade your character, these are aspects that add the due privileged status of the game in this entire industry. If you`re not the warrior type but still fond of history, Jewel Quest 2 can quite please your taste of discovery, know how and entertainment.



Really wish the first 5 points would go to pure playability.  Sounds like another triggered-monster game with decent graphics.  Yawn...  Would automatically subtract a point if an action game can't be modded.  Neat weaponry, some new graphic capability, bold color, outstanding music and the like should add up to a total of a single point.  Would sutract a point if a CD/DVD is required to play everytime (hardware destruction is a definite minus, single internet activation is not a negative).  Crashes in a released game should subtract a point or two, at least.  Wish the verdict would be split as single-player/multi-player since those are such separate gaming tastes (sounds like you would rate this 8/3).  There, said it!  BTW: BioShock would be a 5, FarCry2 a 5, original FarCry a 9, Oblivion would be a 10 but minus 1 for needed CD, Plants vs. Zombies would be a 9.  Another good test: if you don't see yourself replaying it 2 years from now it definiately ain't no 8 or more.


Why A Duck

I played this game months ago, and while the new weapons are fairly cool I rarely used them. They either took too long to fire/reload or the ammo was scarce. Like most FPS's, I found myself mainly using the shotgun and machine gun for most battles.

 The "veil" wasn't that big a thrill though, it was too much like the spirit world in Prey.



This "new" Wolfenstein brings to mind a feature in an issue of Maximum PC (probably summer of 08) which had a top ten things "we" want to see in games.  One of which was "More zombies, less Nazis." 

While I am excited to see another Wolfenstain game and cannot comment on this one as yet, I must say that this statement doesn't exactly sum up my wish list for game developers.  In fact I would like to see MORE NAZIS, LESS ZOMBIES!  What I'd really like to see is more attention to detail and accuracy in games.  To me the fantasy element has gotten way out of control.  Things like shell casings ejecting out the proper side of the weapon, realistic rates of fire, proper ammunition and weapon capacity, more "realistic" weapon damage, the necessity to use weapon sights, etc etc are things that I'd really love to see. I'm tired of super-bosses, Final Fantasy man-sized machete swords, lugers/p38s that do more damage than mp-40s (when loaded with the same ammo, or funny enough sometimes other ammo!), sawed off shotguns that spread shot so much that they are completely innefective at moderate ranges but load a slug and it's a bloody sniper rifle, that kind of thing.

I'm not saying we should go to one shot, you're dead kind of gaming (that wouldn't be very fun), but I'm tired of playing games where I have all the time in world to make careful head-shots of all my enemies, while dozens of bullets bounce off of my character and he continues to push forward at full speed. Go ahead and include scifi elements like crysis armour suits if it suits the story, but give it a good story and make the modern day weapons you pick up as true to life as possible.  

I could go on with this stuff for hours.  I'm just wondering if any other readers feel the same.



what you are refering to is the "suspension of disbelief". There has to be enough truth in the lie for the lie to be acceptable because otherwise you just tune it out. Most scifi movies and such already know this, at least for the good ones. For the story to truely suck you in it needs to be mostly believable for you to accept the parts that are not.

More over, I was disappointed to see that this game was only coming out for a console and not a pc. It's been almost heresy, imho, that there is a real swing towards this trend of "PC last if at all" when I think the real meat of games are found on the PC. All the games that come out are better on the pc (because you can mod them, or get the goods to play them faster/better) and that is traditionally where you'd find the hardcore gamers. Now, it seems that all the consoles wanna peddle there wears, and are not above sticking it to the game houses to only put out said game onto console to do so. I know this has been the case for some time but it's disappointing to think that for me to have the ideal game library that i need to shell out for each and nearly every console AND have my pc because certain games are ported only to certain platforms...and gawd help you if you rather play the game in its ideal enviroment... the pc...



I agree completely.


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