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I got this to stream a large collection of stored DVDs on my NAS - no interest in photo, internet, music.  NO support for this, yes it will play the VOB but no control of dvd menu.  Deal Killer - Sending it back - looking at Popcorn & Asus



My Popcorn Hour A110 may be uglier, but eats this WD for breakfast.



This has played every format I throw at it, and I picked it up for about $110.



I have one.  I love it, but it has a major audio sync issue with AAC audio tracks in MP4 containers for whatever reason.  AAC in MKV container works fine.  AC3 and DTS no problems all around.  Apparently this is a firmware issue.  It's verified by many commenters on the WDTV forums, but WD has yet to resolve the issue or even acknowledge its existence.

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