Western Digital Caviar Black



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How large are the sustained writes that you are using to quantify the disk's speed in the sustained rate categories?

 I developed a logging application that creates files of 250GB+, using a Black carviar drive, and it seems that the sustained rate of the drive is closer to 20-30 MB/s.  I am getting buffer overflows logging data at a constant data rate of 27 MB/s... This is with overlapped IO with absolutely no data processing, preallocation of the file size, and windows file buffering turned off. 



I'm glad to see what is probably the first review of this interesting Caviar Black drive (which btw you should note is Model WD1001FALS).  But you did miss all of the above points.  I/O - Multitasking is especially important for things like multiple PARs and RARs.  And one of the criticisms of the high-performance Deskstars is their heat.

Your test suite does show up a couple of strange, large differences in the Random Access numbers (Max. Random Access--Reads and Min. Random Access--Writes). Do these mean anything in reality?

It's also strange that this Caviar Black drive was announced, and a few shipped - and then it disappeared for a month.  And it still has not been thoroughly reviewed.

I have been looking forward to this drive and hope it turns out to be great.  But I have read that Hitachi will be releasing a new Deskstar with greatly reduced power consumption, and maybe that will be the better choice after all.


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