Western Digital 8TB WD ShareSpace



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Let me tell you other weakness that not easily seen from reviews:

  1. On manual, it said you have to use WD hard disk, although I didn't try
  2. Agent will tell you it is not design for disks with mix sizes.  Although I got it work, but they won't garentee and I am on my own
  3. You cannot expand by replacing disk one by one as supported by Netgear X-RAID or Drobo Beyond RAID.  That means, if you have 4 disk and run out of space, then you need to copy your data somewhere, replace all 4 of them, then copy the data back.  Imagine you have 3 TB of data, and the auto back up button not work.
  4. Painfully slow
  5. Awkard design that you have to take out the whole cover to change disk, instead of just flip open a door.  So, it needs to be put in an open space
  6. I have 4 external hard disk and the auto backup function only work on one of them, that means, I have to rely on the slow network interface
  7. I have one of the disk failed after 9 months
  8. Poor technical support agents who know nothing but read out the answer from the knowledge base
  9. Firmware 2.2.9 completely screw up.  And take them a long time to release a patch
  10. Doesn't seem reliable.  Read the WD community link and you can see other people's problem. (http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-ShareSpace/bd-p/sharespace)


I recently purchased the 4TB version. Either there is someone wrong with the particular example I bought or this article is way generous. It took approx 2 days (yes 48hrs) to copy just under 1TB of data on to this device DIRECTLY from the USB port. Network performance is atrocious. It takes between 11min and 18min to copy 800MB (yes not even a full GB) from this device when nobody else is accessing it. 


You guys have no idea how painfully slow it is. I will try and return it failing which I'll move the drives into an old Linux server and get probably 25 times the performance. This is actually a really bad product. Do not buy it!!!!!!



The major problems I see for this unit is:

1. NO eSATA.

2.  Slow and slugish hard drives.

3. Only 1 Network Connection.

Personally, I'd prefer Seagate drives.  Western Digital has a lot more problems with drives than Seagate has recently, especially with the green drives. Now if Western Digital put in RE drives in the unit it might work much faster, but then they would need to work on a cooling solution.

Just MHO,




Maybe you guys should switch to italicising the best scores, because I swear I can barely tell which one is bold with the font you are using. Although, after looking at it for a bit, it looks like both numbers are bold on the "PC to NAS, large" line.

But yea, this thing looks like a bit of dog. Especially that bit about only being able to use WD drives. Even though, I do prefer WD drives, I wouldn't like being told thats all I can use.



[checks scores] Oh jeez! Didn't even realize they were bolding anything!



*agreed with the italics comment

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