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Even though the device doesn't have networking built right in. There is a sizable hacking community that has developed. 1st and 2nd generation devices can have hacked firmware installed and you can add support for wireless USB network adapters or wired usb adapters if you prefer. I have all of the files and very clear walkthroughs available at my website: http://romanstechhelp.blogspot.com for anyone that is interested. And yes this is me promoting my website but I have never had a single person complain about it because it is one of the best free resources available on the web for these devices. I hope it helps some folks :)






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Are people seriously complaing about no networking for a devixce that costs $100?

And boo hoo it doesn't support Divx extensions, only .avi.  You gotta be Kidding me!  Feel free to let us all know what device it is that you have from a respectable manufacturer that  has all the featurs of this product, plus the others that you want.





Tv on pc

The good thing about this media player is that it provides higher resolution than most media players Tv on Pc



I've played countless Divx and Xvid files with my WD TV.  As long as they are in .avi format they will play just fine.

As for the lack of a network port, I too was disappointed by this omission but after thinking it through, the decision actually makes good business sense.  WD wants you to buy more hard drives, preferably theirs.  Frankly, my sneaker net solution works just fine and the HDMI output more than makes up for the lack of a dedicated NIC.  I plan to use Handbrake to convert my DVDs and (eventually) Blu-rays into digital files for playback on the WD TV.

Thanks Western Digital!



This may be the only review I've seen that says it does not support DIVX. Better double check Mike.



 When you say "supports", do you mean "naitively"?

I bought a creative zen because it "supported" a bunch of great codecs, including MPEG-4.

But to play mpeg-4 the software needs to convert it upon import. That to me means that the software provided supports Mpeg-4, not the player.

I've been stung by this more than once. It's a practice that has to stop.

(p.s. I won't even go into the fact that some of the other "supported" codecs have massive sync issues, which, it seems, are being ignored by the manufacturer.)


If this thing works as advertised (and price is reasonable). I want one yesterday.


"There's no time like the future."



It supports divx and xvid .AVI files, just not .DIVX extensions.

I have one, and it works great with Handbrake encoded .M4V files, but the major difficulty is no .WMV support.



The lack of LAN connection with UPNP really hurts this, IMO. And the lack of DivX (and I assume Xvid) support is just plain stupid.



I second your comment...  I've been looking at media extenders for some time now.  I have a HUGE collection of DVD's ripped in MP4 format, but am currently using my PS3, X360, and computers to stream...  If this thing had a built in LAN port, I'd pick one up in a second...  Because it doesn't, I'm looking at other options.  Come on Western Digital, why do you let us down?

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