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Just built almost this identical PC a couple of weeks ago, however I went with 16GB of low profile Corsair Vengeance RAM and the CM Hyper 212+ and Fractal Designs ARC Midi case. I did OC the 2500K to 4.3 GHz though and came out cheaper, but still, it's a fast PC no doubt.



"You just click the "Bestest" button and add to cart." - That made me laugh.



G. Skill RAM?  With those fins and the sticker design, it looks a little TOO similar to my Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 RAM...  Please confirm/deny?



You're correct, it is Corsair Vengeance. I own a pair.



How times have changed, whereas $1600 is now considered a budget PC? In this economy, highly doubtful, as most people would be looking in the $600 range. Call me when you review one in that price range.



midrange has always been in the $2000-$4000 range for years and years, especially with "custom" computers while high end was $6000+. Anything in the <$2000 range, especially for "custom" or "boutique" desktops was always budget. A perfect example is the falcon-nw talon that was released in 05, if I recall correctly, with a starting price at around $1700. With inflation it could even be argued that anything under $3000 is budget, $3000-$6000 is midrange, and around $10,000 is high end.



correct for custom/boutique computers- and i guess we should expect this thought from Max PC- then again - I look at 1600-1800 as top end for rigs I build when speaking of the box itsel

it;s a good solid computer though, disparaging as the article is, most users wouldbe able to do a lot with that box



If you build similar spec'ed machine yourself it will be close to 600$ if you are willing to get the parts when they are on sale. I put together an i2600k build with msi p67a-gd65 mobo, corsair 600T, AMD 6850, Hyper 212+ cooler, etc for about 900$ few months ago(not counting OS and hard drive cost).

In the world of custom water cooled built pc this is a pretty decent price. The issue as Gordon mentioned that it doesn't have a decent cooler which kinda beats the purpose of getting a non dell/hp machine. I agree that it should at least have a 212+ cooler to enable overclocking. Even the stock cooler that came with i2600k was a joke.

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