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My brother just made a a purchase of a 22inch Viewsonic and a XFX HD 5770 Radeon GPU. He's had it for a month and has had nothing but problems since he's had it. Primarily in the log on and log out phase of booting up.

The monitor has an instability shake(the whole picture) when loading the OS. And when powering down. We didn't know whether it had to do with his GPU being in the incorrect slot or what. And being that both components were installed at the same time couldn't point to one or the other. So I pulled his monitor(after growing tired of the complaints) and connected it to my DVi and Power leads. I run the same graphics card with no complaints I got the exact same instability shake in the exact same phase of log in and log out.

On top of that there is no support forum with Viewsonic. If there isn't an issue we wouldn't know it because there are no owners giving their feedback directly in a moderated enviornment. Don't even know if this is the monitor not liking the choice of an ATi card or what. Just know that out of two working systems it's not wanting to behave the way one would expect from a high budget monitor. Which really is surprising because their past credibility led to the purchase to begin with.

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