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There has been a huge number of innovations and sophistication on mobile industry, which are taking place quite fast recently. This mobile phones are very essential to us for the main reason that we can stay connected with our loved ones, anytime and anywhere. Speaking of cellphones, Verizon is going to soon launch their newest cell phone model, claiming it is far better than anything AT&T can offer you with their ever popular iPhone's. The Verizon Droid provides much better capabilities than the AT&T iPhone and will launch hopefully by mid July. In any event these two are going to continue to be top rivals for the industry. Verizon is claiming their droid phone has more features than any phone on the market including the popular flash player. This phone may require an installment loan to buy at $200 and make the monthly premiums thereafter.



and personally, I love this phone, it is very easy to use and the keyboard is no worse than some of the others I've used, like all others it just takes a little getting used to. It manages everything very easily and with Advanced Task Killer, you just press it and blamo it shuts off the apps you want it to.



Also, surprised they missed the fact that the home screen is really 3 screens.  Requires a quick touch and drag to access either side of the home screen.  Easily holds more than 12 apps at the ready.   And the keyboard like any smartphone today just requires some time and practice.  Got this phone for my wife who was just learning to text.  She hated it for all of 2 weeks.  Now she's writing novels and says she loves the Droid.  Who knew?



I went from the Iphone 3g to the Motorola Milstone, and I really could not be happier. I question how much functionality can be had from device that is the same size as a multi-tool. As such, I agree that these shortcomings do exist. However, I still don’t think they are necessarily fair criticisms. Who knows? Maybe I just expect less.



By comparison, the Android HTC G1 has an excellent keyboard.  I am hoping HTC will make an Android phone for the Verizon network.



like, say, the HTC Droid Eris?



Which will be on Verizon March 23rd.



Droid has multi-touch now.



I almost fell over when I saw this mistake. Usually these guys are great at understanding nitty gritty specifics and epxlaining them.  DROID DOES HAVE MULTI-TOUCH capability from a hardware standpoint. The standard Android apps do not take advantage of it (perhaps out of fear from an Apple lawsuit like Palm). However, third party apps have demonstrated full use of multi-touch.



A bit late for this review?

You just about hit the nail on the head though.  But I still love this phone.  Yes has a weird keyboard, but that joystick comes in handy in games.  Then again, playing games with the keyboard and joystick sure kill my hands!

With the latest Google maps update, you can pinch to zoom, so, multi touch is there but being added slowly I guess.

It's the best phone that Verizon has to offer ATM.



They didn't mention the stellar call quality either, which is strange, given that this IS a cell phone review

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