Velocity Micro's Edge Z55 Review



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I agree with the others.  For that money I would have built a much more powerful computer.  I wonder if people really buy these overpriced computers-I never see them around here.


Keith E. Whisman

Too expensive for middling hardware. For one thing, at this price point, GTX480's in SLI are not out of the question. GTX460's just plain suck, in SLI two GTX460's run a little bit faster than one GTX480 for about the same price as a GTX480. So why not just go with a single GTX480 if they want to be cheap. Just because it has SLI doesn't make it wonderful if the SLI cards are crap. Sorry guys I'll take a singe GTX480 over two GTX460's any day because I can always purchase another GTX480 and have a bad ass system.



4800 dollars!? whoa - that's insane. Too bad the price kills my "need" for something like that.

I do like the idea of having a GPU fan integrated into that area like the Edge PC... is there a name for that kind of fan? I am guessing "in-case GPU intake fan" or something. I have never seemn a fan like that before in that orientation.



The GPU fan looks like wht is called a "slot fan".  It fits in an empty PCI slot, but doesn't plugin to the slot, it has a wire for power connection, the case slot just supports it but it does block a PCI connector.  They can be had for $10.00 or less at most computer parts suppliers.  And yes, I cant think of a thing I would need that expensive a PC for!  Maybe it's great for gaming, if that's your thing, but I'd say it's more of "mines better than your's" thing!  As noted, you could probably build a superior one for less bucks!




I must be outside your target demographic because a $2,000 PC is NOT budget, and for $4,800 I would rather buy a used Corolla.



To build that system you self would cost  $2800 with case and a much better looking case at that.

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