Toshiba NB205



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I've had one of these for about 2 months, and for the most part, it's been great.  I was able to get over 8 hours of batterly life on a recent trip to hawaii with wifi disabled, the screen dimmed to about 60%, and running movies and mp3s off of an SD card.  The keyboard is also very good (as stated).

One thing you need to do with this netbook is uninstall all the crapware that comes with it.  you can keep a few of the toshiba utilities (like power management, hotkey control for various functions, and HDD protection), but otherwise, there is a lot of bloat in this one.  The first boot to windows (when brand new)showed 55 running processes.  after tweeking, I got it down to 26.  It's noticeably more responsive now and boots quicker now.

Also, be sure to check out toshiba's support website for new drivers.  They are constantly being updated, and newer drivers fix issues that some have had with the wifi and touchpad.



 I've been eyeing this little puppy at work ever since the XP version was released. Now that I know the definitive battery life (Toshiba CLAIMS 9 hours, real world tests you did show about 7) and your final verdict, I'm pleased to admit I'll buy one. Unless HP releases a netbook that has the Ion platform AND 7. I like power on the go, but my 17 inch is too damn big anymore.




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