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I wish I could afford a computer that would need a fan like this. I would probably have to make my own one day and call it my boston plumbing because it would be able to handle all kind of stuff!



If your referring to the 4 pin pwm connector, my board uses that. However (and this may be only my board) if you look closer you'll see the guide that makes sure you plug in the fan correctly only spans 3 pins, so the mobo allows both 3 and 4 pin pwm or voltage fans. Just had to change from pwm to volt in bios. The only other thing I did is unscrew the fan and turn it so the pwr cable came off the top, hid the wires good, and reached the cpu fan header. With a top and back fan, close to it, it sucks most of the hot air right out. Plus the inlet being so tall almost reaches the side vent. And SyK0 70-551. that does help. There are so many different designs and manufactures out there I didn't know if I got a 9/10 or 1/10. Now I can relax and up the vcore and oc some more, woot!!



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it looks like a small Hadron Collider!



IT IS HYPER 212+ not 221+! I say this because I searched Newegg for 221+ and was like "WTF no results?" lol



I fixed it up, thanks for the catch!



It says 212+ just above the chart where it is incorrect.

You should have actually read the article then you would have noticed they spelled it 212+.

Don't complain because you don't read. 



Sorry got a little left click happy.



They should have named it "Finger Lopper Offer 5000." That thing looks dangerous!



I wish that more companies would release some heatsink for dual 1366. I'm planning that build and my choices seems limited on heatsinks I could get. 


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Peanut Fox

Duel socket 1366 boards don't have a standard layout.  They all have their sockets located in different spots.  A water cooling setup will defiantly be a lot more expensive, but at the same time much more practical for this type of build.


Hg Dragon

Questions: Is the fan a standard fan or is it one of the "squirrel cage" type that runs the the entire length of the "gear stack?"

The review says the fan blows "air down over the fins." Is that "towards the CPU 'down,'" or "gravitationally 'down?'" given that most mobo's are vertical?

A standard fan would be the wrong application for a cooler like this. The way it pushes air would be directly towards the CPu, which owuld be great for cooling the parts of the "gears" closest to the center shaft. But the outside edges and the lower gears would get heat-soaked which would reduce the capacity of the thing. A cage fan would push the air out from the center and across the fin surfaces, but they don't really move air all that wel, not to mention possibly blowing against any other fans directing airflow in your case. 

This just doesn't seem all that well thought out. Looks slick though, I'll give it that much.




It is a squirrel cage type of fan, but looking at some photos I can tell the fan itself doesn't cover whole height of the heatsink... The fan sucks air from top and bottom and blow it out through the heat sink plates.



 I'm still rolling with my Gelid Solutions Tranquillo cooler. Works beautifully.


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I agree that it's a cool design but so far doesn't seem very practicle. What's the noise level like on it? Because if it's substantially quieter than the stock cooler and/ore the Coolermaster, that might help it sell to the HTPC crowd. On a related note, has MaximumPC ever considered obtaining one of the Titan Fenrir's? It's a little pricier in the states, but I keep seeing it's praises sung on many other sites and would like to see  MPC's take on it compared to the CM Hyper 221+.

 Thanks again for the article, good review.

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