Thermaltake Shock One Gaming Headset Review



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I donno why no one has reviewed the MedUSA 5.1 gaming headset:

They are absolutely terrific. My two sons and I ONLY use these headsets and have gotten rid of speaker setups entirely. I also use a set for my HTPC in my bedroom. They sound great, the surround sound works very well, and they are comfortable for hours and hours of gameplay. The mic works well and is easy to move out of the way. They come from England but usually arrive the next day. How about it, MPC? Give them a try so we can get the word out?



I have 2 pairs of those. I loved the first set and got so much use out of them the plastic on one earpiece got fatigued and eventually snapped off. The second set they changed the design on them a little bit and I don't like how they fit me now.

I am currently using the logitech wireless ones which are horribly uncomfortable but sound pretty impressive for wireless headsets. My next are most likely going to be corsair. I've decided the best headsets are when comfort is first and sound can be ok.



Wow that's expensive.

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