Thermaltake Element S



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Does anyone know if a large video card like the 9800 gx2 butts up against any of the hard drives, assuming all the bays are filled?



It should be able to fit them just fine. i have two EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked's in that bad boy. lol. sure, putting them in you [natrually] have to delicately place them in, but ya they fit great, and i bought two CM 120mm fans for intake for the front and the thing stays nice and cool eventhough my gpus look huge lol. 


(:) MrHappyClam (:)



If I remember right Pixar switched off their Macs and went with Windows.  It has been a while since I read it but I am sure that is what it was. 



Oh, you grow up. Mac's continue to be behind by years of research from these great companies like Intel. Apple should just bow down.



"Say you’re a content creator—video, graphic design, whatever. You want
a computer that’s quiet, functional, and hopefully doesn’t look like it
was designed by a candy raver, or worse, Apple."

Yeah, because it's not as if  anyone in the video and design industry choose Apple hardware is it? I can really see the folks at Pixar or Weta picking this cheap, plastic box to work with over the Apple Desktop - even though it's a 6 year old design.

Grow the fuck up MPC and act like journalists. This fanboy schtick got old long ago.

It's ironic that Apple ads are running on this site. Maybe you should let their ad sales department know that you can't write an article without some 3rd grade disparaging content? Or is hipocrisy justified if it brings in money?



Eliminate: No eSata...It says up top that it has 1 eSata in the frot, and looks like it does. Typo?


I think this is going to be my new case. I dont like all of the flash in most cases that have everything I am looking for, but I would also like a window maybe. The chassis is a hard decision. Does that stupid looking cooler master logo on their cases come off? I think most of them look pretty good except for that.

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