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IMHO, the 6Gv2 is an awesome choice for people who just want a top-quality mechanical keyboard and don't care about gaming flash and features. That is, us serious typists.

Some people think these Cherry MX Black switches are too stiff for comfortable typing. I totally disagree. I used a Red-switch keyboard for some time, and found it too light. The Blacks feel perfect to me. They're like the legendary original IBM keyboards, but without the clatter.

From the review:

"We’ve always loved the 7G for gaming, although we’ve found that the no-click mechanical switches make the keyboard hard to do a lot of fast typing on."

Huh?? You did say "fast" typing, right? So I can assume you don't wait for each key to click before you move on to the next one?

So why the click-dependence? Don't you see the characters appearing on your display? Why do you need a bunch of noise to accompany that? Would you be an even better typist if someone ran an espresso machine in the next cubicle?

I can't speak for everyone—but when I type, I'm focused on what I'm writing, not on which keys I'm pressing. IMHO, in addition to their sheer distractingness, clicky keys put too much emphasis on individual characters. It's like trying to have a conversation while you're thinking of how each word is spelled. Will that improve the flow of your ideas? I r-e-a-l-l-y d-o-u-b-t i-t.

Anyway, yes, black switches—smooth, solid, quiet—in a sturdy, tasteful, non-Star-Wars keyboard. That's the 6Gv2. Perfect.

Everyone's different, though. Try one yourself, and compare it with as many other keyboards and switch types as you can. Don't let reviewers make up your mind for you—unless they'll be doing your typing for you too.


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"for some reason, the 6Gv2 is missing about 50 percent of a right shift key. It’s about the size of your standard control key, and is flush with the right side of the enter key."

"Who knows the motivation behind this decision—but it’s obnoxious and very difficult to adapt to."


 It looks like they wanted an oversized "Enter" key. From the photo the "forward slash" key that should be above the "Enter" key is down between the "backslash" and "Shift" keys. It makes no sense to me, if not for that I'd probably buy the keyboard but I don't want to bother getting used to a new (old) layout design that doesn't match any of the other computers I use.



V---That Made Me Laugh,Alot-----V



V---That Made Me Laugh,Alot-----V



You'll have to pry my IBM Model M from my cold dead hands.



given the nature of modern PC use, at least basic Play/Pause/Stop/FF/RR keys are really sarting to become more than "a niceity"



How come mechanical keyboards that don't click always get bonus points for not clicking? I got a mechanical keyboard specifically for the click. I like the click.



i've had 3 steelseries keyboards (7G, 7G, 6Gv2) and all 3 had problems with "chattering" keys. that's when you hit a key and 2 letters appear on the screen. I never have that problem with other keyboards, just steelseries. it's a big disappointment because i love their design and i think their replacing the left windows key with their macro key for media control is the best solution and no one else does it.

their support was very nice and sent replacement keyboards (although I had to pay shipping) but the replacements had the same problem! that's why i've been through 3 of them.

a great keyboard otherwise but for $100+ it's unacceptable to have a big problem like that.



I think this has more to do with the way you are typing on the keyboard than the keboard itself mechanical keyboards are a lot more sensitive than your typical keyboard and a prolonged press can result in multiple letters showing up. It has to do with the mechanical keyboards early detection of a press. On mechanical keyboards a full depression of the key is not needed so it triggers a keystroke much earlier than a typical keyboard. So if you are pressing the key down fully like on a membrane keyboard that may be why you are seeng this issue.



Unless he is typing at a pace where he presses the key down so long that the os's keyboard click rate begins doing the excess keys, than I highly doubt that he is in fact typing wrong. That is the only way that a mechanical keyboard should ever "double press", you know, unless of course its built out of shoddy switches :(

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