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I absolutely love this product. I must say it is the small things that catch my eye and logitech did a great job covering all the bases. Just to name a few features that fit this bill one of them is the display change between remote use and touch screen use. When you are operating the unit via the remote control the text automatically gets larger so you can read. Also my favorite feature by far is being able to bookmark a song on the radio that I enjoy and have it automatically added to my amazon or music source of choice. Never again am I stuck scrolling through endless music libraries to find a song that I enjoy. I go into these details further on my new website dedicated to this product (that is how much I like it) Squeezebox Touch Review



You guys did a great job at spelling out all the specs of this thing but can someone please tell me




In a nutshell the Squeezebox is a device that is connected to your home audio system. Then via ethernet or wirelessly it can locate and stream your music library from one or more computers in your home thru your sound system. It can also deliver internet radio.



I recently spent the last month ripping my 1000+ CD library to FLAC in preparation for one of these babies. Unfortunately the Squeezebox Touch is still not available in Canada. Can't wait to get one.

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