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Mighty BOB!

You should have called it an eReader eReview. :D



As the review points out, an e-reader is more than hardware. A successful e-reader follows the iPod model in that a great product is a combination of hardware and software integration. The Kindle and Nook succeed by offering decent hardware with an easy ownership experience enhanced by their respective online stores. I'd like to see a future Nook with a full Android secondary screen, but I'll likely stick with the established e-book leaders, Kindle and Nook, for the foreseeable future. iPad lacks the long-term ease of reading offered by the e-Ink display. iPad does a lot well, but for extended reading, only e-Ink offers the paper like experience with less eye strain. Other players like Alex that only offer hardware have a long row to hoe to attract mainstream consumers. Such consumers value the ease of use that is a product of tightly integrated hardware and software.



What this person said! Better written than I could have done. Lots of reviews (for instance iPad) only use the device for reading for a short time. Try going through a Tom Clancy novel in one sitting someday to truly appreciate the readibility of E-Ink.

  All I wnat is an E-Ink reader that can do a full page display (8.5 by 11 inch). That will open up textbooks, hardcovers, graphics rich content such as magazines to their full potential and without squinting. I will settle for lack of color (for now!)


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