Sound Blaster WoW Wireless Headset Review



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The review is for the wireless headset, but lists the price at $120, which is for the wired USB version.

 The wireless headset is $160. (Not sure why the wired version wasn't reviewed with it).



I have never really had much of a driver problem with my audigy II platinum ex. I have been using it for I dunno 5+ years. now throughout different operating systems the functionality has changed a little bit due to driver support however I have always been able to get it to do everything I want. remote functions playing sounds from the tv etc. it has always worked satisfactory even though they don't have windows 7 drivers posted for it. just use the drivers windows installed. and install the newest software mixer etc that is on their website. just have to get "creative" from time to time. :)


s1r 70nk

I've seen this headset before out on blizzstore. I play w.o.w from time to time and find that you really don't need much. Maximum pc is right on the money with the price; it has to be for the brand name.

If you are in-search of a pair of gamming headsets with would suggest turtle beach's x1 series headsets. You can most likely find them at best buy in the xbox360 area, but they can be used on a pc. also half the prices of the pair above. Sorry no light lenses. If you really want them, you could build it yourself.


Problems with drivers:

I would think if you had problems with creative lab's drivers you could find a 3rd party driver or write your own which would be time consumming.



If Creative would release the HS-1200s in a new model with bigger cans, I'd be all over it (software be damned).  My roommate has a set, and they sound quite good, and he can talk to his wife over Skype from the basement while the receiver is on the 2nd floor.  That's pretty good, especially considering that we live in old, dense base housing built in the 50s or 60s.  I'm just not willing to buy another on-the-ear headset, since even the most comfy on-the-ear phones get un-comfy after a few hours.



"A 2.4 Ghz usb dongle" Why the hell don't manufacturers just use blutooth? 


Donate blood!



I seriously think they have one guy/girl working for them. It is unreal at how slow they are to respond to issues.



I registered here on Maximum PC just to let everyone know how BAD the driver support really is for Creative Labs' Headphones (amongst other things). I have a headset from them, the HS-1200 series.  Although the headphones sound really good,  in my experience Creative does NOT release proper drivers, only the ones bundled with the headphones. So any time there is an issue with software, or even a new OS, they really don't bother updating drivers in a timely fashion at all.  


I have owned many sound cards over the years by these guys, but in the future, I WILL not purchase anything else by a manufacturer that does not support their own products.

 Creative Labs:

Good hardware

 Terrible software




I agree 100%. I will NEVER buy another Creative product due to their piss-poor drivers and support.

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