Sony BWU 300S Blu-Ray Burner



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Check out the Buffalo internal unit also rated at 8x.  It's a panasonic engine and rivals this articles presented benchmarks with panasonic 6x media - which incidentally is available online or in-store at Fry's Electronics.  The most important aspect of this unit, beyond it's inherent robust design, is that if you search with diligence you can locate this unit in the mid to high 200's (USD) online - just be patient for the price drops, they come and go.

I've used this unit now since just before the holidays, on CDR's, DVDR's and BDR and BDRE without a single coaster created.  It's amazingly quiet too...

The Value Proposition in just about everything we know is being tested, turned upside down and recalibrated in this Year of our Lord - 2009.  Recognize that fact and benefit from it!       Blaze-PC



I couldn't find any 6x disks out there.  How much did you see them going for?



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