Sol Republic Tracks Headphone Review



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I'm happy with my B&W P5s and my Sennheisers...but I'm a nut about headphones and would probably have a drawer full of different ones if I thought they were all that good.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

i wonder how they match up to the 

phillips o'niel "the strecth" by FAR ther best headphones for the price ( retail is 100 bucks but u cna usally find em for 40 ish) things are built like a tank. and have superb audio. alot poeple say there in par if not better the the beats by dyre stuff.



Ive tried quite alot of headphones over the years. 90% are complete garbage including Bose. The best headphones ive ever heard so far are UltimateEars Super.Fi 5 EB's, which arnt even made anymore. 



You should try the UE Triple Fi's.  They sound rapturous, and the dual subs can deliver a ton of bass if you want that.  They're on sale 65% off MSRP (and about $50 less than what they actually usually cost) at Amazon at the moment.

They are pricey, and you WILL have to replace the cables every 4-5 months (at a cost of $20, but they're user replaceable so you don't have to send the headphones out), but trust me, they're incredibly beautiful sounding.

Oh, one last thing, too.  The fit can be problematic if you have small ears, and you should swap left and right for a better fit.  Don't do what they recommend, swapping works better.

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