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Despite assurances that this combination wouldn't crash my system, about a week after installing it with a first generation Kinston 64gb SSD and a Western Digital 250 gb SATA drive, I got a boot error telling me my NTFS loader wasn't present.

I removed the sled and attempted to reboot, but since the boot loader was also gone from my hard drive too, I had to recover an image from a couple of days ago.

No important data loss, since my date resides on a large 2nd hard drive and is also backed up to an external drive, but the only chagnes to the system were the installation of the SSD and sled. It's now gathering dust until I figure out my next step.




Not exactly the 70% speed boost quoted by silverstone now is it ....63.7MBps + 70% = 108MBps  


Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!



This might work well in a Windows Home Server (WHS) setup for two reasons.

1) You wouldn't have to go through the pain of reinstallation which is orders of magnitude more challenging than a workstation OS reinstall due to the reacquisition of the data drive(s).

2) You could use a smaller (i.e. cheaper) SSD than you would normally be able to use since WHS has a 70GB minimum system drive requirement.



I wonder how those would perform in a RAID 0 setup.

Someones gota try that - 2 normal HDs in a RAID 0 then 2 normal HDs through 2 of those in a RAID 0.

(i'm waiting for you to do that topic writer :D )

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