Silverstone Fortress FT01



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I know these cases work well but does anyone know of a case that disquse the heat that the CPU is letting off?  I read somewhere that if you use a humidifier filter in some fashion that it will hide the heat signature.



I chose the FT01 for my new build, and I don't regret for a second.  It is worth every penny.  Sure, there are a few small things, mostly mentioned in the article, but other than that the case is really great.



I still think the NZXT tempest is better



 NO FILTERS, EVER! Throw. Filters. Away.

  Working as an HP on site service tech for oodles of years made me come to HATE fan filters! Why? Fan filters are hidden and quickly clog up with dust. Unless they are cleaned religiously every 6 months or so, they can COMPLETELY cut off ALL airflow through the fan. The fan spins merrily around and just grabs the inside air and swirls it around back into the case. Nothing like having a $60,000 piece of hardware that ends up hotter than the inside of your oven.

  Dust does not really affect a computer, makes it err.. dusty is all. Filters kill computers.



Cleaning my PC every 6 months is considered "religiously"?? What about doing it once a week? I must be a sadist.

Plus, dust does a whole lot more than simply making the PC dusty...I guess I shouldn't worry about my dust filter situation, though, because my rig didn't cost $60,000, nor will my next one.

On a more related note, I'm definitely considering this case for my new build.  It's a close contest between the FT01, the Antec P183, and the Ultra m998 (with some consideration given to the likes of the Lian Li A17B and PC-P50).



that their is plenty of "dard drive bays." I just don't know what I would do without my dard drives.



Oedipus - it's not a matter of being smart enough, it's about being ignorant...  Thanks to the reviewer for their good information!



its a midtower case..theyre all cramped compared to even a decent level full tower.  im only speaking from personal preference, but ive known people who buy consumer cases..and on a wim for my last build i went with a server case...ill never go back..the space is amazing being 25 in deep.. i like the hotswap sata



That's a sexy tower but I'll stick with Cooler Master. :)



Add prices to reviews please!!!!!!!!!

Silverstone is to pricy for me. Ill go with Cool Master for my next case. Good lookin case though.



$220 and up for this case. Seeing as I only paid $160 for my Antec 1200, I don't know if I'd go for this case.



You mention the negative as being the price, but nowhere in the review do you mention cost. So, how about listing prices in ALL your reviews as a reference? (especially if you are going to comment on price during the review)



newegg has it as 218.99 no free shiping

reviews about it are intresting but its not what i want for a midtower.same price range one could get

99 with free shiping .an for what id want  the handle on it would be um handy .

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It's not like we're smart enough to use this internets thing that we're reading this article on.  Please spoon feed us!



 it's not spoon feeding when they directly refererence a point but then don't provide what that referece is.


It would be like reviewing WoW and dinging  night elves for having "ears that look more like jumbo jet wings" and then no pictures.

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