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I was disappointed to see that Maximum PC's review of this game is no where even near the reviews done by consumers who actually purchased and played the game.  There is something wrong with your review process when the 500+ consumers over at Amazon are giving this game 2 stars while your magazine is giving it a 9.  Sorry to say that you guys lost some credibility with this one.  =/



I have been playing the CIV games from the start and am a long time board and computer gamer.  I simply can't believe that anyone who likes this game has spent any time playing it - it's a disaster and simply not worthy of the Civilization title, a major step back from where the series was. 

Nothing makes any sense (Archers can shoot across hexes but Rifleman can't??)  The game is horrendously slow even on the fastest machines.  The diplomatic part of the game is next to useless - as are City States.  Adding hexes was a good move - but not limiting stacking.  Unit promotions are next to meaningless and also make no sense - advantages for open vs. jungle terrain?  Are you kidding?  Leaders have almost no real impact.

The whole game is a mess that just plods along and is so predictable, its not worth playing.

Hopefully they can fix this in CIV 6, or better yet Call to Power III - the game series that had it right! 



It's an excellent that's strategically different than previous versions.  That said, I still prefer Civ4.



I think there should be more game reviews on Maximum PC :)



I'M dissapointed in CIV V , I believed the hype and went out and bought it and found it to be too boring a game, First off I loved the original CIV, hate the social policy of CIV V bring back the old style of picking which nationality you wanted to be and have their attributes, get rid of the social policy, the eye candy is nice, but that is about it, took me 4 hours just to get 5 cities, in the old game i would have about 20 by then, it is more like SIm City then CIV the original , in my view I wasted money on this one which is a shame



 Pretty much all of the reviews for Civ V are just like this one, glowing reviews.  Me, I love the game and is the only Civ game that I have said that about or have actually played through an entire game!

The comments online tho are all about two things.One, they ruined the game because they removed "X" or they changed "Y" to actually make the game more accessible to the average player. "dumbing down the game".

The other is that the game arrive with huge bugs, games getting hung up, poor AI, slow response during turns, and other maladies. One poster actually accused Civ V of destroying his power supply! Unlike the other Civ games, Civ V has all the graphics candy turned on and needs a hefty system to play it. They are patching the game as fast as they can with 4 patches already in place and the AI has already shown much improvement. Me, I have had no issues running the game through to the end and I am kinda mystified why folks are having any issues. This game has been torrented to hell and gone and I am wondering how many problems are due to having non ungraded bootleg copies but of course, no one mentions THAT fact when they post so who knows.

 Civ V is already a great game with enough challenges to keep me going through this winter. Any improvements with just add icing to the cake.



I tried it out, but having to wait for the animations to finish before being able to click the end turn button really made me hate Civ5.


Leo Scott

Every game I've played crashes around turn 700.  There are plenty of people with the same problem, look at the 2k forums to see.  Also, the engine is pathetically slow as the game progresses.  It takes forever for the game to process the AI turns.  This is with only 7 AI opponents on a Core I7-920 @ 3.6gz and 6gig ram with a AMD 5770 video card.  Also, the engine doesn't fully render some tiles at the correct detail and puts some little red flairs on random tiles.  It will be a great game when it is fixed but this puppy was not ready for prime time when it was released.  Hold on to your money for a few more months.



I'll have to agree with this one.  WAIT.  Civ V isn't ready yet.  



OK, I'm a bit of a dinosaur whenit comes to gaming. 90% or more of what I do is racing sims. Occasionally I'll fire up Trains or Rise of Nations for a change of pace, which get's me to this review.

I've tried all the earlier versions of Civ, and just couldn't get warm to them. Nothing wrong with the games themselves, I just liked the relatively simple gameplay of RoN much better. For sure the graphics were better with the Civ titles, but there was just too many different things to manage at once for me to realy get a handle on it. I won;t claim to have mastered RoN, but at least I could be challanged playing against the AI without always being defeated.  Result - if I felt like relaxing with an RTS title, RoN it was. 

I've had my hands on the Civ V box a half dozen times, but never made it to the checkout. After reading this review, I'm going to giv Civ V a chance. It sounds like it's been simplified a bit without being dumbed down too much. Just what I've been hoping for.










 I was in the same boat. I liked the IDEA of the Civ games but they were just too nit-picky and obtruse for me to play them much. Civ V is MUCH more user friendly. It was the only one of the series that I actually finished a game! I purchased it.



I have played every version of Civ and they have all had their plusses and in some casses minuses. Civ 5 has lots to like and this article discribes them well. There are two big flaws however. I have found when at war and when I am kicking an enemys but they still will not give in to my demands even though it is obvious I can and will wipe them out. That makes no sense. One other disapointment is when building the spaceship I expected great graphics shown as each componnent is added. Nada. Either I am missing something or the ship build graphics which were so much fun to see as your ship takes shape in previous Civ versions are just not there in Civ 5.

I do like the addition of the city states and the new combat. I also do not miss the Pol Correct religion that was in Civ 4.



This is a great game!!!!!!!



I dunno. I actually failed a class in college because I was addicted to the original way back in 1993. I played the demo of this release and I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's just me. I'm too bitter and hard to please in my old age.



I am already playing this game way too much! I love it.

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