Sennheiser Communications PC 333D G4ME Review



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I've got a Sennheiser set of headphones for mixing (dj) - they make awesome dj headphones but this pair also take my fancy, they look mental and they price themselves on quality so would expect the same with this pair. Will have to get these added to my shopping list methinks! :D



While i agree they have been a player for sometime as my first set of headsets were senns like 8 years ago, the review told me enough as I have some of those logitech wireless gaming headsets and they grasp my head fairly firmly and become uncomfortable after an hour or two. So far my first pair of Medusa's have been the most comfortable. Their design changed a little bit and I don't like my second pair as much.



i have had my sennheiser headset maybe 4 years, i do not have a clue as to the model, they cost about $130 back then.

they are some of the best. when friends try them out they wish theirs were as good.

only problem, if you can call it that after all these years is the foam air diffuser on the mic is a little loose, every now and again i find it on the floor after a gaming session.

i bought these because of the solid rep they had in the gaming community, sennheiser has always been in the forefront of the gaming headset community.



"Sennheiser isn’t a name you usually associate with gaming headsets—the company hasn’t, after all, traditionally been a player in that market, and its entry into it hasn’t come with much fanfare."

This statement is completely, 100% false - it's laughable how out of touch you are with the gaming community.

Ever hear of the PC151's?  One of the most popular headsets in the past 5 years, go check out the hundreds of reviews on newegg.  It's been used and endorsed by many popular professional gaming teams.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

PC350's are another popular brand.  So popular in fact - Asus and Sennheiser teamed up and made the "Xonar Xense" bundle.  Go look it up.

PC360's, their flagship model, co-developed by another professional gaming team.

Sennheiser has been a player in this market since the market existed.  They've garnered much fanfare from gamers and the name Sennheiser has always been associated with quality headphones/headsets.

I swear, some of you guys at MaxPC are so blatantly clueless it's like you live in a alternate reality.



I'm inclined to agree with joeking.  Sennheiser has been active in the gaming headset market for quite a while now.  Furthermore, your "review" tells us very little about the actual quality or specs of these cans. "The best sound in a gaming headset ever?" Really?  And your reference is?  I'd bet my left nut that Beyerdynamic's MMX 300 exceeds any gaming headset Senn has ever offered.  You guys should really do more homework before posting advertorial garbage like this.



I mean.. to be fare.. MaxPC is a magazine publication.  Since they have limited space to compose a review, its never going to be as detailed and thourough as a review on any of those tech websites.  He just has a completely wrong impression about Sennheiser, that's all.



Same here... They must've forgot about good 'ol Sennheiser HD 202's (Yep, it's not a headset but gamers still use it with standalone mics) which is currently out of stock and is still NewEgg's most reviewed headphone to date (currently at 795 reviews). No doubt they've been used for gaming this past 6+ years. I for one used a now retired yet still functional HD 212 Pro (needs new earpads) for years.

Talking about headsets... Why IS MAXPC taking too damn long to review ASTRO A4's!!!???



I have to agree, I love my 202s if not a little tight for certain people (Fiancee found it too tight for her and she has a smaller head). Great sound quality and built just right for blocking out those annoyingly loud teenagers on the city bus!

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