Seagate Momentus XT 500GB Hybrid Drive Review



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How would this perform as a secondary drive? I have a 64 gig SSD for the OS and I want to use this as a gaming driving, but I wonder if I will see any benefit. For example, if I installed the upcoming SWTOR on it, would it get faster after a few hours of play? That's a 30 gig game install, mind you.

Maybe a Raptor would be better. Frankly, SSDs are still too pricey for what I need.



In paragraph 6, you start talking about the Barracuda XT. I assume this is a misprint?



What happens if you partition it into 2 or more drives?



I wonder how a few of these would perform in a RAID array.



I bought an Alienware M11x R2 and a Momentus XT for it. Its most definitely way faster than the 5400RPM WD Scorpio Blue it shipped with, and the fast HDD makes it feel like a much faster computer than it is during general use. However, I agree that the XT could have used more NAND. It boots fast, and firefox and the other apps I use a ton load rocket-fast, it still feels like a fast HDD. It never really hits the scales that an SSD tips speed-wise.

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