Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440



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Not a bad article but ...

  1. The "whole lotta dough" is not yet coin of the rhelm in Canada but we can exchange our monopoly money for your greenbacks.
  2. What's "eight times the price of the consumer-friendly MyBook World 1TB"... another price ref that my wallet does not understand. 

With this unit shipping with Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB drives it just the right size to support my 2 machines that have a combined HD Space of 3.2TB @72%Used. I have been looking for just this unit as the only option I saw as viable was building a rig for 4 Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB drives. For me this unit is a 10 and a real Kick Ass product.

I also do not understand your "8" given that it really Kicked Ass in the numbers. I collect games, Graphics and am transfering my 45's and LP's to digital. My home office specializes on building websites, my staff (of 1) and I are always zipping and unzipping to make room, this unit and its apparent speed could be the right stuff.

How long did it take to rebuild the array as you worked? (  Great Feature )

What was the  BlackArmor Discovery software's backup numbers?

It seems the unit could  be used as an inhouse server for a gameing party, fact or fiction?

Your mag usually has the right stuff for me! This article  is a bit below the norm... Gord must have been ranting in the background

Thanks for saving me a build but whenwill the unit be available???




Better than yesterday; not as Great as tomorrow!

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